April 1, 2012


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You just received a C on the paper that you spent days working on. You got in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend and now you don’t know where your relationship stands. Your parents are on your back about you getting a job for the summer. By the time the day is over, you lie in your bed and just feel like crap. The events of your life have brought you into an abyss, a place of no return. You play that one song, and suddenly all of your hardships materialize into a ten minute sob-fest. Yes, my friends, we have reached the infamous “good cry.”

Typically appearing seasonally, the “good cry” is a monumental explosion of sadness caused by the bottling up of emotions over a long period of time. The “good cry” is omnipresent in both males and females (though males will be less likely to admit to the event). It might be difficult to isolate the single problem you are crying about once the ”good cry” strikes, most likely due to the gallons of tears that blind you from understanding what the fuck is actually happening. Once the “good cry” reaches its end, the crier will feel rather excellent about his or her self, both reenergized and relieved. For this reason, many people choose to trigger “good cries” by watching The Notebook, playing Adele on loop, or purposely not changing the channel during that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial.

For these reasons, I am presenting you with “The Good Cry” Sunify playlist: a comprehensive list of depressing songs that are sure to make you sob for an hour. It is almost impossible not to feel a little stressed out at a place like Cornell, and sometimes we just need an emotional catharsis. Let it out, girls and boys!

Here’s the Spotify link:

Sunify Playlist #4: The Good Cry

1. “Someone Like You” – Adele

2. “Neon Bible” – Arcade Fire

3. “Skinny Love” – Bon Iver

4. “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes” – Beck

5. “Fix You” – Coldplay

6. “The Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice

7. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” – Death Cab for Cutie

8. “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac

9. “NYC” – Interpol

10. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley

11. “Hurt” – Johnny Cash

12. “Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash

13. “Fake Plastic Trees” – Radiohead

14. “No Surprises” – Radiohead

15. “Everybody Hurts” – R.E.M.

16. “Hero” – Regina Spektor

17. “With Every Heartbeat” – Robyn (With Kleerup)

18. “The Weary Kind” – Ryan Bingham

19. “Breathe Me” – Sia

20. “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” – The Smiths

Jason Goldberg is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected] . Sunify Playlist appears Mondays.

Original Author: Jason Goldberg