April 3, 2012

Ice Cream Around the World

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Although Ithaca changes seasons 19298234 times a day, summer is almost here! And we all know that the best part about summer is ICE CREAM, the soft and creamy paradise in your mouth. When you can’t resist enjoying the precious sunshine on the slope or on a benches, try out some exotic ice creams and flavors from around the world:

Mochi Ice CreamWho says ice cream has to be enjoyed in a cone or cup? The soft ice cream wrapped in a layer of chewy mochi is simply irresistible. In Japan, certain types of mochi are especially enjoyed during the summer because of the cool, soothing feel of its texture.

Get some at Cafe Pacific! They even come in packages and can be stored in your freezer.

Tempura (Fried) Ice CreamExperience a taste of ying and yang, of fire and ice: this decadent dessert is a scoop of ice cream covered in the fried layer of tempura. Tempura is fried wheat batter, usually used for vegetables and seafood and serves as a side-dish or topping on ramen noodles. However, in this case, it is used for desserts and is coated with chocolate syrup.

Get some at Plum Tree! Also, try the delicious green tea flavor Miyake’s after it recovers.

GelatoFor a refreshing snack, have a taste of the Italian ice cream Gelato which is known for its colorful, intense flavors from pistacchio to lemon sorbet. In fact, because gelato has a lower fat content than average ice cream, the flavors bring its many colors to your taste buds.

In Collegetown, Cafe Pacific has many gelato flavors along with its various other choices of desserts. In Ithaca, the best store for gelato is Purity Ice Cream, which is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Commons. Located near the Italian restaurant Zaza’s Cucina, gelato at Purity makes a perfect dessert after a fancy Italian meal.

Blizzard Boba If you’re looking for a cool treat in the afternoon or night, try a “Blizzard” bubble tea at The Old Teahouse and it will send electroshocks of happiness through you. “Blizzard” is a quasi-milkshake, quasi-smoothie drink with tapioca, and it’s available in various flavors like Taro, Strawberry and Red Bean. Sipping ice-cream with small tapiocas through a straw can be entertaining and wildly satisfying to your sweet tooth.

Original Author: Yilin Zhang