April 5, 2012

Hillary 2016

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Nancy Pelosi has gone on the record saying she would like to see Hillary Clinton throw her hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination in 2016.  She joins other people (Bill Clinton for one) who would support a run by Mrs. Clinton.

I’m skeptical.

Mrs. Clinton has gone on the record describing her job as Secretary of State as “my last public position.”  People frequently cite the fact that she will be 69 years old in 2016, not all that much younger than Ronald Reagan was when he came into office, as proof that she won’t run.

That may be true, but it’s not the best reason for her not to run. Hillary Clinton has been a national figure for my whole life.  She’s proven to be an effective senator, and a terrific Secretary of State.

Politically, she’s old news.

There are several strong potential candidates the Democrats could put forward in 2016. Whether it’s Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, or (my personal favorite) Brian Schweitzer, there are a good deal of fresh faces who could take the Democratic Party in a new direction.  That trio of governors is not held back by the culture wars of the 90s or the animosity of the Bush administration

My preference is Governor Schweitzer. He’s a cowboy who wears a bolo tie, and says y’all. He has a MS in Soil Science, and he vetoes bills with a branding iron. He does have some stances that I’m wary of; his opposition to gun control is one.

However, he recently petitioned the federal government to allow Montana to create its own single-payer healthcare plan. Yup, you read that right. Montana… Single-payer healthcare.

Bring it on, Marco Rubio. (Or President Romney).

Original Author: Noah Karr-Kaitin