April 11, 2012

OVERHEARD: Fratstars and Feet

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Neat Feet

“You have no foot?”

“…It’s like a hoof…”

-Arts Quad


“The deeper I go, the better it feels… when I’m picking my nose.”



“Sometimes I like being in my own little world because it’s better than this shithole.”

-Uris Library


“My brain is just a seizure of food.”


Animal Crackers?

“What kind of animals do you have in India? Like, camels?”

-Willard Straight


“Apparently, bikes can cause sexual problems in women according to this Italian paper!?”

-Olin Library

Dream House

“We could have SUCH a good house. A dog, a Keggerator, a 40 inch TV… yeah, it’ll be awesome.”

-Tower Lounge

Snoozin’ and Treats…

“I wanna eat HAAAMMM and sit in a HAAAMMOCKKK!”

-Fraternity House

Mary Theresa Condosta is a sophomore in the College of Engineering. She can be reached at [email protected]. Overheard appears Thursdays.

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Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta