April 12, 2012

Don’t forget about Sherrod!

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Liz Warren raised $6.9 million in the last quarter for her campaign to unseat Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). It was the largest fundraising tally, for a non-presidential candidate, in history. Mr. Brown still holds a $4 million advantage over Mrs. Warren.  While I wholeheartedly support Mrs. Warrant’s campaign (full disclosure: I’m a Democrat from Massachusetts),  liberals must not forget that hers is not the only important state race this fall.

After some back of the envelope math, I can tell you that about $4.4 million of that $6.9 million came from out of state donors. There’s nothing wrong with that, but liberals have to remember that other races demand attention. Sherrod Brown, the raspy-voiced progressive from Ohio is leading his race by about 10 points, but is grappling with $5 million worth of negative ads aired against him. More is on the way. The Brown campaign hasn’t released their fundraising numbers, but I got an email last night from them telling me that they just surpassed their goal of raising $500,000 for the quarter.

I don’t need to tell you that Senator Brown could use some of that liberal money that Liz Warren is benefitting so much from. Even though he is leading in his race in Ohio, his campaign expects the negative ads to take their toll on his electoral prospects. I would hate to see him become the victim of Elizabeth Warren’s success.

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Original Author: Noah Karr-Kaitin