April 12, 2012

FASHION FRIDAY: Inspiration for the Masses

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Fashion blogs have changed the rules of fashion. Ok, maybe not completely, but they have definitely nudged them a bit. No longer do you solely have to rely on fashion magazines for inspiration or news on the latest fashion developments — blogs can provide you with that information, and for free.  There is a reason why Fashion Rookie’s Tavi Gevinson and Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely get to sit at front rows in fashion shows. Popular blogs get around 12 million hits per year, while magazines have circulations of around one million, showing that a significant portion of power lies with the bloggers (hoorah for the common people). The reason I became interested in fashion in the first place was because of these blogs, specifically Flying Saucer. Below are some of my favorite fashion blogs that I make a point to visit daily.

Knight Cat: My weakness for cats makes me automatically like this blog due to its great title. However, the awesomeness of her blog does not only lie in the name. Her posts always serve as stimulants to my creative juices. The mysterious blogger behind Knight Cat has never given her readers any clues to her appearance (not even her name), which suits me just fine, since that isn’t the focus of her blog. She remains an unknown presence of fashion inspiration. After scrolling through her posts, you can’t help but feel inspired to go through your closet and wear the perfect outfit.

Imachicnation: Now, this blog is the exact opposite of the previous one. Whereas knight cat keeps her personal life very separate from her blog, the girl behind Imachicnation plasters her awesome daily adventures all over her website. Although in most instances I would finds this extremely annoying and contrived, the pictures of her travels all around the world never get on my nerves. Perhaps this is because she truly does appear to lead an awesome life, or maybe it’s the fact that her and her friends actually wear really sweet outfits. Her frequent posts of inspirational pictures are also pretty rad. Whatever the reason, her blog is one worth checking out.

I Love Wildfox: The lovely Kimberly Gordon who curates this blog has talent. Yes, the same Kimberly Gordon behind the hip label of Wildfox Couture (and yes, I just said the word hip to describe a fashion label). The pages of this blog are chock-full of beautiful girls in drool-worthy outfits, pictures from amazing photographers, and even a great recipe here and there. She seems to manage to find the most stimulating images to upload to her blog. Pictures, clothes, and food: the perfect combination for a great blog.

4th and Bleeker: Alexandra Spencer, the model behind this killer blog, magically jetsets across the world in the span of a few days. Although not all of us have the 5 ft. 7 height and 110 pound frame of a model to dress like her, you still can admire the sheer creativity (and chutzpah) that is required to wear these outfits. Black fur sleeves? Check. Jean shorts so tiny you can see her butt smile? Check. All of the above require some major cahones from Alexandra’s part, yet she manages to pull them off beautifully.

Tobacco & Leather: The amazing girl behind this blog has the perfect eye for all things fashion-related. She always seems to post the best editorials, beautifully put together collages, and illustrations because, oh yeah, she also paints. I wish I knew the sources where this girl finds these hidden gems, but I don’t — so I just wait patiently for another post and thank her when she does.

From my perspective, fashion blogs have truly revolutionized the fashion industry. For the first time, you get to see real people wear real clothes. I mean, c’mon, it doesn’t take much for a model to look good at a photo-shoot in Vogue. It’s a whole other story when you see a regular girl rock the current styles.

Eleni Konstantopoulos is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences. She can be reached at [email protected] Fashion Fridays appears Fridays.

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Original Author: Eleni Konstantopoulos