April 17, 2012

Record Number of Alumni Elect Trustees

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A record-high number of Cornell alumni –– 27,685 –– voted for the newest representatives on the University’s Board of Trustees, electing Meredith Rosenberg ’92 and William McAleer ’73 MBA ’75, the University announced Tuesday.

Voters for the two alumni trustees — who serve a four-year term on the Board — have numbered more than 27,000 in each of the last two elections. In contrast, the average number of voters in previous elections fell between 12,000 and 15,000, according to Chris Marshall, associate vice president for alumni affairs.

“We doubled the voter base the last two years by building awareness and making the process a lot easier,” Marshall said.

Rosenberg was a history major, Soviet studies minor and the advertising manager of The Sun during her time at Cornell. She is currently the senior vice president at Fullbridge, Inc. ing to young professionals and University students.

“I am thrilled, just so deeply honored, to be selected by my peers to serve Cornell,” Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg said she plans to use her prior experience — she is also the co-founder and former chief marketing officer of Global Student Loan Corporation, which funds higher education for non-U.S. citizens –– to expand Cornell’s international impact.

“I have a lot of experience outside of the U.S., both professionally and in a volunteer role, so for me, this is something I’m really interested in,” she said.

According to Student Trustee Alex Bores ’13, Rosenberg requested to meet with President David Skorton after her victory was announced. When Skorton suggested that the two meet when she assumes her post in July, Rosenberg said that they should instead meet immediately — an indication of her passionate commitment to Cornell, Bores said.

Rosenberg said she is dedicated to ensuring that the Cornell community remains diverse and that the most talented students –– not just those that can afford it –– can attend Cornell.

“For me, focusing on enabling those students to be able to attend Cornell and follow their passions is really important,” she said.

Rosenberg is a member of the President’s Council of Cornell Women and serves on the advisory board of [email protected], which promotes entrepreneurship activities.

“I had a tremendous experience at Cornell and so for me, it was really important to stay involved and to give back and to make sure that future Cornellians had an excellent experience as well,” she said.

McAleer, who is the co-founder and managing director of Voyager Capital –– a venture firm that invests in technology companies –– said he plans to focus on strengthening the best academic programs at Cornell, accelerating faculty renewal and developing innovative approaches to learning.

McAleer has also previously held executive management roles with Aldus Corporation — now Adobe Corporation — and Westin Hotels and Resorts.

“In working with leading-edge technologies as a venture capitalist, I can offer perspectives on how innovation and emerging trends will impact the University’s approach to education,” he wrote in his candidate profile. “I understand many of the opportunities and challenges facing the University through my activities with three Cornell colleges, five advisory boards and councils, student mentoring and alumni programs.”

McAleer currently serves on the University Council and on the Johnson Graduate School of Management Advisory Council. He is the co-founder of Cornell Entrepreneur Network in Seattle. Like Rosenberg, he is also a member of [email protected]’s advisory council.

While at Cornell, McAleer was a member of the Cornell Senate — a large governing body of students, faculty, employees, alumni and administrators that was eventually replaced by the Student Assembly — and a brother in Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

McAleer did return a request for comment Tuesday night.

Original Author: Sylvia Rusnak