April 18, 2012

Have You Seen My Records?

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Ah, Record Store Day. A Luddite’s dream: a celebration of tangible art in the age of digitization, convenience and piracy. Started in 2007 by a coalition of avid indie record shop supporters, it’s a holiday that tries to combat the impersonal experiences of corporate music stores and online downloads with a sense of community. As someone who has undoubtedly violated the sacredness of this holiday — I am quite familiar with how torrents work and I’m pretty sure that I’ve bought a record at Target before — it’s a rather intimidating monolith. But rather than get political about it (because this pariah don’t preach), I’m going to focus on what I do understand: the music! In honor of the hippest of holidays, artists from all scenes are making exclusive Record Store Day releases. So hop on down to the Commons on Saturday and visit Angry Mom Records (located in the basement of Autumn Leaves Used Books) and pick up some of these sweet jams (Note: not all of these are guaranteed to be at Angry Mom, but you’re sure to find something worth picking up regardless).

Original Author: James Rainis