May 2, 2012

Southwest-inspired Restaurant Opens at East Hill Plaza

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Boasting a diverse menu of local and organic ingredients, AGAVA, a Southwest cuisine-inspired restaurant, opened Wednesday at East Hill Plaza. The venture is the product of more than a year of work by Collegetown Bagels and Ithaca Bakery owner Gregar Brous.

The eatery offers a collection of diverse flavors, such as those of Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana cuisine. However, the restaurant is also working with farms in the region to include local ingredients in its dishes.

“We have cultivated relationships with Ronin Farms, Stick & Stones Farms, Remembrance Farms, and Autumn’s Harvest to bring the best possible local and organic ingredients to your table,” stated an AGAVA press release.

Brous said that AGAVA brings something different to the Ithaca restaurant scene, due to the diversity and breadth of its offerings.

“Whenever I eat [Southwest cuisine], it is something that excites me,” Brous said. “There are not a lot of options that are available in Ithaca.”

Brous believes that the East Hill location, to the southeast of the Cornell campus, is a busy but underserved area. He noted that many housing complexes for Cornell graduate students, faculty and staff are located near the restaurant.

“It is a busy environment that is looking for someplace to eat,” Brauss said.

The restaurant received support from Facebook users on its Facebook page in the days leading up to the opening, with users posting positive reviews to the site throughout the day.

Original Author: Tajwar Mazhar