May 3, 2012

BEST OF: European Desserts

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Here’s a goodie bag of my favorite European desserts in no particular order. Bon Appetite!

1) Tradelink

Tradelink are cinnamon-covered fried dough served hot and filled with Nutella. You can watch them being made in front of you at street stands in Eastern Europe, and specifically Prague. The chef takes the dough, wraps it around a hot metal pole and cooks it above an open fire. Even if it doesn’t sound up your alley, these things are amazing!

2) Snails

Arguably only sold Wednesdays, snails are the Danish to end all cinnamon sugar pastries. They easily put anything Sara Lee or Pillsbury are freezing to shame. To earn their name, snails are coated in cinnamon sugar and then frosted on top in the shape of a snail. A Copenhagen specialty, it’s worth making sure you’re there on Wednesday for one. (They are possibly sold other days of the week, but my friend who lives in Copenhagen swears it’s a Wednesday treat.)

3) Gelato

Obviously a big Italian treat, I can always eat gelato. The flavors vary one gelataria to another, so you can either be consistent to find your favorite, or switch it up. Gelato never disappoints. It’s always the perfect after dinner dessert or afternoon pick-me-up. While gelato is sold everywhere, always best to try it (in abundance) from its Italian source.

4) Crepes

Crepes are an internationally enjoyed pastry whether served sweet as a snack, dessert or a savory meal replacement. Made fresh on the sidewalk and handed to you for immediate consumption, crepes are reason enough to study abroad in France. Personally, I’m a big fan of the strawberry-Nutella combination, but really any crepe will do. Thinly spread pancake batter wrapped in toppings made-to-order. Yum.

5) Churo

Breakfast food? Late night food? Snack food? The world may never know. Sold in Spain in the breakfast variety, the long fried dough comes with a nice cup of hot liquid chocolate dipping sauce. Spanish churos differ from Mexican churos in that they aren’t covered in the same cinnamon sugar coating.

6) Stroopwaffles

An Amsterdam specialty — two thinly sliced stiff waffle cookies coated inside by caramel and then stuck together. It’s the caramel waffle Oreo-style cookie you’ve always wanted. While they might not seem like the best dessert/cookie/snack food, they definitely grow on you. The sweet caramel plus the slight crunch from the waffle makes them addictive.

Rebecca Bogatin is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She may be reached at [email protected] Notes from Abroad: BEST OF appears on Fridays.

Original Author: Rebecca Bogatin