May 3, 2012

I’m Shmacked Will Document Slope Day Debauchery

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As thousands of students stumble towards Libe Slope on Friday, it might come as a surprise to many to see a camera crew running after them, trying to catch their drunken antics for an online video series. I’m Shmacked Productions, infamous for videos of legendary parties such as Mardi Gras at Tulane University and State Patties Day at Pennsylvania State University, will be attending Slope Day to catch every revelrous minute of it on camera.

The Office of the Dean of Students sent an email to the Greek community Thursday morning to give a “heads up about camera crews looking to film binge drinking during Slope Day.”

The email from Laura Sanders, assistant dean of students and advisor to the Panhellenic Council, informed fraternities and sororities that I’m Shmacked intends to document “binge drinking” by Cornellians in Collegetown and on the Slope.

I’m Shmacked will find the same debauchery at Slope Day that the production team have already exposed on campuses across the country, students said.

According to Greg Kim ’12, Slope Day consistently maintains its rowdy reputation, which may be why I’m Shmacked chose to document the event.

“I think Slope Day has always been the epitome of a massive college party, and [an event] whose hype and reputation just fuels the party, and it always lives up the to the hype,” Kim said.

“I would surmise they will also focus on Greek houses and events.  Please therefore be aware of camera equipment. Likely you do not want your chapter to be highlighted in these trailers,” Sanders wrote in the email.

Students agreed that individuals would not want to be exposed in an online video for their bad behavior on Slope Day. Katie Dear ’15  noted that a student’s personal image could be tainted, especially through such a easily-accessible format.

“I mean obviously everyone is concerned about their image on a local and a national level. So it makes total sense to send out the warning. Nobody wants to be seen in the video,” Dear said.

Ken Babcock ’13, vice president for judicial affairs for the Interfraternity Council, however, expressed doubt regarding whether I’m Shmacked was actually coming to Cornell.

“I am not sure if they are coming,” Babcock said. “There was a warning sent out about the behavior they like to tape, [behavior] which is already condoned by the IFC. So I don’t think there will be major changes to the general activities [of the Greek houses].”

Original Author: Manu Rathore