May 10, 2012

21 Answers With the Wrestling Team

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In the next installment of 21 answers, Tina Chou interviewed members of the wrestling team.

Joe Stanzione, Junior at 141“It would definitely be Steve Bosak because of his camel hump. It would hold so much Gatorade we would survive for a long time.”

Jace Bennett, Sophomore at 197“I would probably pick Stryker Lane just because, you know, he can hunt and fish and do everything to provide for us. And then, if whenever he did end up dying, I would have a lot of extra meat to, you know, eat on ’cause he’s a… he’d fill me up for a long time, that’s all I’m trying to say. That’s why I’d like him.”

Stryker Lane, Junior at Heavyweight“I was actually thinking I would pick Jace because he’s pretty good at hunting stuff and I think I could steal all of his food away from him and eat it myself.”

Michael Alexander, Sophomore at 174“I guess I would choose Mike Nevinger, otherwise known as Woodchuck, because he’d be in his natural element and he’s pretty outdoorsy, knows how to hunt and fish, so we could survive pretty well together, I think. And worst comes to worst, he’s smaller than me so if I had to, I might be able to kill him and eat him for food.”

Bricker Dixon, Freshman at 125“I think I would probably go with Quin Leith because he’s an inventor so… I like my odds. I don’t know if I should like my odds but he’s very smart so I’d go with Quin.”

Connor David, Junior at 133“I would pick Stryker Lane because we could quote Family Guy the whole time and even if we died, it would be very entertaining to hang out with Stryker for a week.”

Billy George, Freshman at 174“That’s an easy one. I would pick Caleb Richardson because we go and explore the woods all the time and we always talk about, like, hunting animals and stuff. Yeah, I think that would be fun, we kind of want to go camping for a week too so I would definitely pick Caleb.”

Cam Simaz, Senior at 197“Just one teammate? I can’t be alone… well, is it in like an African rainforest? Because Maciej looks sort of like a gorilla and I think that his body type would be well-adapted to the rainforest because he can move around real quick and he could probably show me like, sort of the ways of the jungle. Have you ever seen Tarzan? Like he taught that Tarzan guy how to become a chimpanzee a little bit and kinda loves the forest culture. I feel like I could kind of immerse myself in the culture and he would be the guy who could do that. Outside of that, I feel like he’s the only guy that’s really rainforest-suited. He looks like a silverback.”

Craig Eifert, Sophomore at 149“Woodchuck (Mike Nevinger) because he’s a natural at camouflage.”

Marshall Peppelman, Sophomore at 165“Chris Villalonga because I’m with him every day anyway.”

Chris Villalonga, Sophomore at 149“I would say Marshall Peppelman because we sleep together, we room together and according to our coach we have the same girlfriend, so it would only make sense, you know what I mean?”

Mike Nevinger, Sophomore at 141“Bricker Dixon because he’s terrified of birds and it would bring me good entertainment.”

Quin Leith, Senior at 141“I would pick Damion Hahn because I hear that when he was at Minnesota, where he wrestled undergrad, he ran into a few bears in a forest and just destroyed them. So if we came across any tigers or any big animals, Damion would be there, you know. That’s my guy.”

Jacob Aiken-Phillips, Freshman at Heavyweight“I would probably pick Jace Bennett because he’s good in the wilderness. He’s good at hunting.”

Steve Bosak, Junior at 184“I’d have to say I’m torn between Cam Simaz and Quin Leith so I’m gonna take the easy way out and say both of them because they’d make it entertaining. I would want Cam because his personality would always keep the mood light and enjoyable and then Quin’s survival skills would be… unmatched.”

Oney Snyder, Senior at Heavyweight“I’d have to go with Mike Nevinger, the Woodchuck, because he’s just, he’s a tough little guy. He has natural woodchuck abilities and I don’t know, I just feel like I’d be safe with him. He’s smaller than me but he could protect me somehow. So yeah.”

Mike Grey ’11, Volunteer Assistant Coach“I’d pick Joe Stanzione because he’s crafty and he’s elusive.”

Jeremy Spates, Assistant Coach“Mike Nevinger. Because he’s always out in the woods and he’d know what to do.”

Corey Manson ’11“Definitely Mike Nevinger. Because his nickname is Woodchuck, I think that’s enough said. We’ll go with Woodchuck.”

Mack Lewnes ’11“Mike Nevinger. He’s a clever, smart woodsman who can – I’ve seen him kill a deer with his bare hands. So, I’ll take him over anybody.”

Damion Hahn, Assistant Coach“That’s a tough one. I gotta get someone outdoorsy… um,.. a guy on the team… I would go pick my boy Corey Mason ’11 but he’s not on the team anymore… but if I was able to pick somebody, I would probably have to pick Corey because he’s outdoorsy. But, oh my God, this is tough… or I could go with Cam Simaz because he doesn’t ever get tired. He could just run down animals and we’d be able to survive.”

Original Author: Tina Chou