May 18, 2012

Ron Paul: Quitter

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Ron Paul is no longer seeking votes in all future Republican primary elections, leaving Mitt Romney with no real competition moving forward to the Republican National Election. It is not surprising that Dr. Paul will not be the Republican nominee.

Some astute political watchers predicted weeks ago that Dr. Paul would not end up competing for the Republican nomination. It has always appeared that Congressman Paul’s end goal was to utilize his sizeable chunk of delegates to gain a prominent position at the GOP’s convention this summer. I can only assume that Mr. Paul feels he has all the delegates he needs and is ready to sit back until the convention. There are still delegates to be won in the states that have already voted, as delegate-selection procedures allow for him to pick up additional delegates. Furthermore, Dr. Paul remains on the ballot in future states. I expect that his passionate supporters will continue showing up to vote for him in enough numbers to provide him with a few more delegates here and there.

As I said in my print column a few weeks ago, Ron Paul is an exceedingly interesting character. He makes both Democratic and Republican loyalists consider just how much their parties truly represent their ideological views. Although I would not support him in an election against President Obama, I would appreciate his radical honesty. It’s a shame to see him leave the race.

Dr. Paul, while I know that I’ve predicated that you would not launch a third party bid for the Presidency, I hope you do.

(I’m pretty sure Ron Paul reads this blog).

Original Author: Noah Karr-Kaitin