August 19, 2012

Letter from the Editor: More Than Just a Daily

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There is a sign that has hung in our office for decades that reads, “This is a daily, not a weekly.” Sam Roberts ’68, now a reporter for The New York Times, hung the sign there one night, frustrated with writers and editors who were taking too long to get their stories in. This act of frustration is an important part of our history and reinforces the necessity of sticking to deadlines. Today, though, The Sun is a lot more than just a daily.

We are a multimedia organization. We have the capability to publish any time of the day on our website. We are producing content across mediums, including print, online and video. And this semester, we are not going to be satisfied with one-dimensional content.

Expect to see more videos to go along with the stories that you read every day. Starting this semester, all of our new writers will be trained in editing and shooting video. This will not only provide important skills for our writers, but will also make your experience on The Sun’s website more dynamic and engaging. Expect to see The Sun’s content available on more and more platforms. We are fundamentally changing the way we approach multimedia at The Sun. It cannot be peripheral, but must become a central part of our organization.

We have no shortage of ideas for the way to improve what we are doing at The Sun. The implementation of these ideas requires hard work from our staff. And it also requires new individuals to fill the place left by those who have graduated. I encourage you to come to an information session. This is an exciting time to be a part of The Cornell Daily Sun as we continue to develop our online presence.

Even if getting involved at The Sun doesn’t interest you, you still have an important role to play. One of the most exciting things about digital platforms is the increased opportunity for engagement, either through comments, Tweets or Facebook posts. Let us know what you want to see at The Sun. Tell us what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right. And, if you prefer to seal an envelope and slip it into a mailbox, that works, too.

— J.C.F.