September 9, 2012

21 Answers With Men’s Lacrosse

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Former Sun Staff Photographer Tina Chou called up the 2012 men’s lacrosse team, wanting to know more about each of its members. What better way to learn more about a person than to ask his teammates, right?

If you could have one teammate be your superhero sidekick, who would it be and what would they do?

1. JJ Gilbane (25) ’12, Midfielder

“My superhero sidekick would be Jake Thompson and his power would be… he would be able to grow in size and I could ride him around like a horse.”

2. Scott Austin (20) ’12, Midfielder

“I’d pick Sten Jernudd and his power would be the ability to make women appear out of thin air.”

3. Max Van Bourgondien (18), Senior Attackman/Midfielder

“I would pick Kyle Ewanouski because he has some of his mother’s features. So he could create some of them.”

4. Ross Rudow (7), Junior Defender

“Joe Paoletta would be my sidekick and his superhero ability would be to regrow body parts… because he chopped off the tip of his finger at ATO.”

5. Brian O’Donnell (27) ’12, Goalkeeper

“Thomas Keith and he would have the ability to steal other people’s superpowers and give them to me.”

6. Ross Gillum (43), Senior Midfielder

“I would have to choose my sidekick to be Jason Noble and I think he would have Hulk superpowers… He would complement my Wolverine superpowers, I think they would go nicely together.”

7. Chip Daugherty (17) ’12, Midfielder

“My sidekick would be Mike Bronzino so that he could be invisible and steal everything.”

8. Connor Buczek (33), Sophomore Attackman/Midfielder

“I would choose Tom Freshour because of his ability to bounce on a trampoline. He jumps really high.”

9. Will Joyce (50), Sophomore Goalkeeper

“I’d have to say Russell Scott and his power would be the ability to fight against Canadians, like Dan Lintner. He just really knows how to get under his skin.”

10. Matt Donovan (30), Sophomore Attackman

“I think I would choose Connor Entenmann and it would be to use him as Kryptonite against Kyle Ewanouski.”

11. Roy Lang (48) ’12, Midfielder

“I would choose Bruce Calvert. He’s not on the team but he’s like associated with the team. He really comes to a lot of games and is like in our locker room a lot. And it would be the ability to sneak up on people. He’s pretty sneaky.”

12. John Hogan (2), Sophomore Midfielder

“My superhero sidekick would be Chip Daugherty and his superpower would be finally making it into the state of Ohio.”

13. Tom Trasolini (38), Senior Midfielder

“I would pick Shane Henry and his superpower would be the ability to abstain throughout college.”

14. Russell Scott (36), Sophomore Defender

“My sidekick would be Mike Huttner and he would have overall super speed and super endurance. Because of his speed and agility when running long distances.”

15. Kyle Ewanouski (11), Senior Defender

“My sidekick would probably be Myan Adams because he has a really nice complexion. His superpower would be having the nicest skin ever.”

16. Mitch McMichael (32) ’12, Midfielder

“My superhero sidekick would definitely be Rob Pannell. His power would be protection when I’m scared because he is one of the strongest and most comforting members of our team. And our leader.”

17. Tom Freshour (15), Junior Defender

“My sidekick would be Jordan Stevens and his ability would be the ability to transform into prehistoric creatures.”

18. Matt Restaino (44) ’12, Defender

“My answer would be Mike O’Neil and the ability would be to move in with Ali (my girlfriend).”

19. Jason Noble (45), Senior Defender

“The person I would pick for my superpower friend would be AJ Fiore and his superpower would be to get through anything doing very minimal effort. He’s kind of a lazy kid.”

20. Cody Levine (23), Senior Midfielder

“I would pick Tom Trasolini and his superhero power would be having the ability to read women’s minds.”

21. Rob Pannell (3), Senior Attackman

“My superhero sidekick would be Matt Donovan and I would have his superpower be mimicry. He’s good at listening or watching someone and then doing that same thing oftentimes better than the original person could do it.”

Original Author: Tina Chou