September 12, 2012

W. SOCCER | Red Welcomes Experience In New Assistant Coach

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Last week, the women’s soccer team made an important addition to its roster in new assistant coach Dwight Hornibrook.

Hornibrook — who served as an assistant coach for Cornell’s men’s team in 2004 — returns to the Red after taking on head coaching jobs of the women’s soccer teams at SUNY Cortland and Houghton. Red head coach Patrick Farmer expressed confidence in the new approach his assistant will bring to the team.

“He’s somebody that has a different background and I think he has a good vision of things,” Farmer said. “He’s a little understated until he gets to speak, he doesn’t jump in and speak constantly, but when he does, people listen.”

A native of Canada, Hornibrook also has experience working at the national level, as he was a member of the Canadian National Team staff and a director of the Atlantic Regional Training Center. Hornibrook also played professionally in the Canadian Soccer League for the Nova Scotia Clippers.

“[Hornibrook] brings a wealth of playing experience and I realize this isn’t a professional team, but moving in that direction of a little more professional approach to things, I think he really adds that,” Farmer said.

According to Farmer, the new addition to the staff also opens up more opportunities for his other assistant — Megan Ramey — to work with more players. So far, Ramey has been training almost exclusively with the team’s three goalkeepers — junior Tori Christ and freshmen Caroline Quentin and Amanda Symons .

“There’s a chance now for Dwight to work with the keepers so Megan can work with the rest of the team,” Farmer said. “I was really happy to get someone in Dwight that you can give a group of players to and have them go run an exercise.”

Original Author: Scott Chiusano