September 15, 2012

The Wonderous World of Online Shopping Part Two

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Last semester, in FASHION FRIDAY: The Wondrous World of Online Shopping I mentioned my love (someone — not me — might label it addiction) for online shopping. I wouldn’t even call it that — more like online perusing, since most of the time I don’t really buy anything. There’s something very soothing about scrolling through multitudes of clothing; you’ve finally finished your reading and you’re lying down somewhere comfy after a long day zooming around campus.

It’s so much easier to forget about the stresses of life on the internet rather than by watching a TV show or a movie. With the latter, there’s always a chance I might see something on the screen that will stress me out or, even worse, make me cry (American Idol auditions get me every time). Online shopping, on the other hand, is the ultimate relaxer.

I know in my last online shopping blog post I mentioned a few of my favorite e-commerce sites but I’ve added a bunch more since them.

Fab: Because people like looking at cool shit, and there’s so much awesomeness to look at. It’s a members’ online store, so you have to sign up to be able to shop — no worries it’s free. Here you’ll be able find awesome clothing as well as rad furniture and vintage décor. Their core belief lies in good design so everything is sourced with the utmost care.

Gilt: Another free members’ online store with some serious discounts off designer goods. Each discount lasts a certain time period so you have to act fast.

Revolve: If I could liken it to anything it would be to a high-class ASOS. Choke full of contemporary designers with free two day shipping and free returns. Photos of the clothing on the website are fantastic making it easy for you to get an idea of how it hangs on the body.

Pixie Market: Awesome store that features on-the-rise indie designers like UNIF and Stolen Girlfriends Club at decent prices. Some pricier duds mixed in but still reasonable.

Need Supply Co.: Minimalistic approach to clothing with a mix of high-end and affordable clothing. Make sure to check out their sales!

Bona Drag: This online boutique is strictly for the eyes only, featuring a fine collection of well-edited droolworthy pieces. I can count the clothes that are under $100 with the fingers of one hand. If you’re one of the lucky few who can afford it, of course, go for it.

Wasteland: Much like Nasty Gal, this online store sells inexpensive rad clothing for great prices. However the quality can be a bit shoddy so make sure to check it the material of that dress you want to buy.

Original Author: Eleni Konstantopoulos