September 16, 2012

Saturday Night A Cappella Fever

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Bailey Hall was all abuzz Saturday night for the Sixth Annual A Cappella United concert. Featuring all the 12 prominent a cappella groups on campus and donating all proceeds to the United Way of Tompkins County, the concert attracted students and parents alike to cheer on friends, their favorite groups or to just enjoy their favorite top 40 hits in one place. Surely, some even came to check off #94 on the 161 Things list: go to an a cappella concert. And what better way to check it off the list than going to A Cappella United? Not only are you enjoying some of Cornell’s finest singing some great songs, but you are also servicing the greater community. Knowing that, there’s a warm feeling that stirs up inside — or it could be all of those shots from your pregame. Yes, it is customary to find a slew of inebriated students at an a cappella concert; they are easy to locate. They cheer their friends the loudest or sometimes believe that they are part of the show and dance and sing along in their seats. One way or another, you’re bound to be entertained.

Original Author: Natalia Fallas