September 17, 2012

Letter to the Editor: South Hill Sympathizing

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Re: “Das Politically Correct,” Arts & Entertainment, Sept. 17

Maybe the writer who was surprised to discover Cornell has “numerous alt-rap fans” when Das Racist performed at Appel Commons two years ago wasn’t the right guy to send to review their show at Ithaca College this weekend. He seems to have headed to South Hill determined to find something — or everything — wrong with the experience, from the venue he seems to have had trouble finding on his second visit there, to the show’s lack of punctuality to a set list that left out a fan favorite.

As a Cornellian, I came to grips pretty quickly with the idea that Uris Hall and Uris Library might be different places, and that Schwartz Auditorium might not be in the building that says Schwartz Center on the outside. By using his confusion over the location of I.C.’s Emerson Suites as a cudgel to attack our neighbors on South Hill, Mr. Rainis shows an unnecessary, unneighborly, and unbelievable lack of class. He could easily have had fun with the oddities of I.C.’s layout, or even expressed displeasure over his impressions of the performances, without being snide about it.

The Sun could improve its coverage, and its image in the community, by helping its writers navigate the fine line between humor and sarcasm, not to mention helping them navigate to their destinations.

Mark H. Anbinder ’89

Ithaca, New York