September 20, 2012

Berry Patch: Statistically Insignificant

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This week, a study from Gannett Health Services showed that Cornellians overestimate how much their peers consume alcohol. This got us thinking: what other false perceptions do we have of Cornellians? We sent a Berry Patch reporter to find out.

1) Showering: Our Berry Patch survey found that 27.3 percent of Cornell students reported abstaining completely from showering. The survey also found that the correlation between students who don’t shower and being an engineering major to be statistically significant. However, this rate is still higher than other similar peer institutions. For example, only two percent of students at Brown reported showering in the last 7 days.

2) Exercise: Cornellians believe that their classmates are generally lazy and never exercise, with Cornellians believing that only two percent of their peers work out regularly. However, this number was much closer to eight percent. However, certain sectors of campus are found to exercise at significantly lower rates. Among Sun reporters, .1 percent reported exercising.

3) Eating at places other than CTB: Despite the general enthusiasm felt for Wegman’s, most Cornellians survive solely on Collegetown Bagels. Hey, we like pizza bagels as much as anyone, but Wegman’s has a sandwich stand, too.

4) Reading the News: Our Berry patch reporter tells us of the Cornellians he surveyed, 100 percent read the Cornell Daily Sun. Our Berry Patch reporter also weighs 250 pounds and is known to occasionally wield a spiked billy club.

5) Geography: Cornellians, on average, believe that 94 percent of their peers are from Westchester or Long Island. However, this perception is dangerously false. In fact, only 93 percent report coming from those areas.

6) Harvard: Cornellians feel that their peers generally have a very negative view of Harvard University. Cornellians believe that 100 percent of their peers hate the institution and would “never want to attend such a snobby and elitist school.” In fact, 78 percent of Cornellians applied their during their college application process and 77.99 percent were rejected.