September 21, 2012

Fashion Friday: A Homecoming How-To

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It’s finally that time. Put down your prelim study guides, your Redbull and your Venti Starbucks cup, and evacuate Olin immediately, because Homecoming weekend is upon us! The last hurrah before fall exams, it’s sure to be an amazing weekend. The weather forecast looks good (albeit a bit cold — red scarf?) and I’m betting against Yale on Saturday.

Oh, and who can forget Avicii is playing Saturday night?! Well, I suppose the 15,000-plus disappointed non-ticket holders, but, this is not a post protesting such injustice. It is purposeful, nonetheless: This is a guide on what to wear this festive weekend.

All week there have been fun and silly activities organized by the Homecoming Steering Committee. I myself am gravely disappointed I missed the free bagel offer at CTB, but I suppose you can’t win ’em all. Regardless, the committee has put together an awesome Friday night at the Schoellkopf Stadium featuring a fireworks and laser show, student performances, and a variety of other activities. Go with your friends, and dress cute!

The event only goes until 9:15, so it will undoubtedly be just the start of the night for most of you. Remember to dress warmly, though — we don’t need anyone catching a cold before the real festivities start on Saturday.

If you thought you could sleep in and nurse your fatigue (and hangovers) Saturday morning, you thought wrong. The Big Red Tailgate Zone starts at 10 AM Saturday morning. Class tee-shirts will be handed out in the Crescent Lot of the Schoellkopf Stadium, as well as free food and drinks. So grab a tee shirt and a hot dog (or not… vegetarians represent!), but don’t think that shirt covers your football game dress code. You are expected to go full out — I’m talking embarrassingly reddened. Red tees, tanks, scarves, all with Cornell emblems ablaze.

Faces should be painted, though, to what extent, I give you liberty to decide. Girls are allowed to rock the Cornell caps, and boys are permitted to paint their chests (however, should it be hot and sweaty, I am requesting coverage). For your game day needs, check out the Cornell Store, as well as Bear Necessities next to CTB. Both are fully stocked with all you need to rival the Bear as the Cornell mascot.

OK, so we win the game, and you leave the stadium proud to look so ridiculously decked out in red. Now go home, and remove the red gear, and shower off that paint, because for the lucky few of you, it is time for Avicii. To the rest (and basically, all) of you, relax, I haven’t forgotten you. But you may rest for a bit.

The concert is not only, well, a concert, which in itself constitutes a certain dramatic and rave-y dress code, but this is an Avicii concert. Therefore, nylon, spandex, prints on prints, leather and rainbows are all allowed. I’m serious. That does not mean each of you should attempt every one of those trends, but, when done tastefully, mixing a few can create the perfect look.

Check out Urban Outfitters downtown if you need some inspiration; they have a sale on the wildest leggings that are perfect for the show, as well as other great concert gear. Boys, you may feel a bit awkward when deciding what to wear, but don’t stress: a tank or printed tee and a little bit of (neon!) color will be just fine.

After Avicii, there are sure to be some great after-parties, so those of you who couldn’t attend the concert will still get to have a fun night, and will feel so normal next to your fellow students walking the streets of Collegetown in spandex. Rock your typical night-out style, but step it up a bit…you won’t be going out during prelims, so make this weekend count!

So now you should all have a firm grip on what to wear this weekend. Oh, and I didn’t forget about Sunday. I’m expecting to see each of you shuffling to either Starbucks or CTB in sweatpants, last night’s mascara, and clutching a large coffee. Don’t worry, I won’t judge.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn