September 25, 2012

Big Red Ambition #31: (Dream About) Ithaca’s Two Months of Warm Weather

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When I first thought about what to write this week, I wanted to write about #111 (Tailgate for homecoming). But after the schizophrenic weather during homecoming, the significantly cooler temperatures lately and the annoying amount of work everyone seems to have, I decided we should all think about #31: Enjoy Ithaca’s twomonths of warm weather – spend a summer here!I think any Cornellian would agree that there are those points in time when we question oursanity as we complete # 152 (Walk to class in the snow, uphill both ways). The way I get through those times is by thinking about my glorious summer in Ithaca, and how fantastic it was to be up at school, not be bogged down with papers, prelims and problem sets, and to have nice weather. Certainly Ithaca is Gorges (lol) all year round, but it’s a whole other level during the summa time.I guess I should emphasize that I am a much more jolly person during the summer (except in aplace like DC where, as Leslie Knope said, “Its 120 degrees out with 200 percent humidity becausethis is a stupid swamp town.” – that shiz can make anyone grumpy). I really enjoy being warm, like me some Vitamin D and summer is just the best time of year.I always loved camp. I went for seven years…now I get that not everyone has gone to camp. As Tina Fey said in Bossypants, “I never went to summer camp, as I was neither underprivileged, nor Jewish, nor extremely Christian, nor obese.” The truth of her words wasnot lost on me, but clearly not everyone has been to camp. If you feel like you are missing outthough (no offense, you are…camp is LITERALLY the best thing ever), spend a summer inIthaca. When my parents came to visit during the summer all they could say was, “Wow this is like being in camp, but you don’t have anyone planning your day, and you don’t have campers to deal with”…please tell me that doesn’t sound like a winning combination.Basically, summer in Ithaca includes hiking, going swimming, exploring Ithaca, BANANAFEST (effing amazing),potlucks, parties, etc. All of that, AND you’re in Ithaca. Jeez, I feel like an infomercial (but wait, there’s more).Forreal though, summer in Ithaca is unlike anything else in levels of awesomeness. Ithaca in thefall is also kinda great though…Applefest next weekend, folks .

Original Author: Jaime Freilich