September 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Gear Up For Winter

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The weather outside has been getting pretty darn nippy, and right on cue, out come the Northface jackets, jeans and boots. I reluctantly put away my summer clothing and start bringing out the big guns: winter clothing and jackets. I’m going to compile a biased list of winter staples that every girl at Cornell should have regardless of the current season’s trends. You’ll need all of these in your arsenal to survive an Ithaca winter in style.

A bunch of oversized knit sweaters constitute the perfect top for autumn/fall. There’s no better feeling then wrapping yourself up in a huge pullover to ward off the cold. For the love of God, please pair them with leggings only if the sweater’s length covers your bum. The steep price tag is the only annoying thing about this particular piece of clothing. Luckily, this one from Urban Outfitters for 59 dollars is perfect. Topshop also has a bunch of awesome jumpers like this one, but 72 dollars is just a tad too much. Ebay has a large selection of Topshop sweaters that cost significantly less.

Leather jackets are the perfect outerwear for fall. Sometimes fall outfits can get monotone but leather adds the right amount of spice. Faux-leather jackets only please! You can find really good ones for ridiculously cheap — you just have to be willing to look at places you might not regularly shop — check out this black jacket at Aeropostale for 50 dollars or this Forever 21 brown jacket for 34.80. Don’t forget Wet Seal!

Next, you need an appropriate winter bag that’s sturdy enough to withstand all the crazy weather of an Ithaca winter. Look no further than satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company. They come in an array of colors and sizes and are crafted from sturdy leather that’s bound to last. Check out the red one for 74 pounds — 120 dollars. The price might be steep but view it as an investment that will last a looooong time. If you’re in the market for a more back-packy looking sort of bag take a look at this one from Herschel Supply Co. for $84.99.

Of course, boots— the higher the better. Frye boots like these are the best but, like the winter bag, super expensive. Again, one must view these shoes as an investment. Cornell terrain requires sturdy shoes that will last you more than one year. It’s no use buying cheap $100 boots only to be forced to buy a new pair every year because they can’t withstand the elements. You might as well splurge and get a pair that will last!

Finally, a large colorful scarf is the perfect winter accessory. I’m talking about huge, warm scarves that you can loop around your neck at least two times and will protect your neck from sleet, snow, rain, hail… you name it! Zara usually wins first place in this department with items like this green tie-dyed scarf or this blue one.

Original Author: Eleni Konstantopoulos