October 1, 2012


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Name: Brendan MillerSport: Sprint FootballPosition: QuarterbackMajor: Hotel AdministrationYear: Junior Thoughts on being part of the sprint football team: This is one of the most unique group of teammates…it is certainly is a lot of fun to be around the team.I know the time commitments a lot, but being around people who are fun to be around makes it a lot better.

Fun facts: “I play the piano; I don’t have a piano at my house unfortunately, but that’s one of the things that aren’t really too well known. I cant really read sheet music well, but I hav a pretty good ear for music and can play things I hear on the radio pretty well. … I’ve traveled to 31 places outside the US. I’ve traveled pretty extensively throughout Europe and its something that I love to do.”

Favorite thing about Cornell? “Theres a lot of stuff; probably the people and relationships I’ve been able to build within my fraternity, through sprint football and through the hotel school.”

Original Author: Albert Liao