October 10, 2012

Cornell Sorority Sisters Will Help Schwartz Center After Spray Painting Theatrics

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After spray painting the exterior of the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts with the letters of their sorority over Homecoming Weekend, two members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority admitted to the vandalism and will be performing community service at the center, according to chapter president Morgan Bookheimer ’13.

Bookheimer also offered an apology and financial reparation to the Schwartz Center for damages caused by the graffiti before the vandals were identified. The students spray painted the sides of the Schwartz Center with the phrases “2013? Tri-Delta Love” and other Tri-Delta symbols. “Tri-Delta does not condone this type of disrespect to our University,” Bookheimer said in an email. “We are deeply embarrassed by the defaced walls of the Schwartz Center, where many of our members perform and work. Tri-Delta is prepared to pay for any and all costs that are associated with the removal of the graffiti.”Bookheimer said on Oct. 10 that the sisters responsible for the vandalism came forward to Tri-Delta’s disciplinary board.“They were identified as two members of our house and they agreed to pay for the clean-up of the graffiti,” Bookheimer said.Though an exact figure for these costs has not yet been determined, a work order has been placed to repair the damages, according to Dan Hall, manager of technical services at the Schwartz Center.“We hope the damage will be rectified in the near future,” he said.While the perpetrators faced disciplinary action from the sorority, Bookheimer said she also hopes their volunteer work at the Schwartz Center will “help offset their negative action with a positive contribution.”The blog IvyGate, which first reported on the graffiti Sept. 24, guessed the damage at the Schwartz Center was due to the revelry surrounding Avicii’s Homecoming performance –– an event that resulted in six hospitalizations and a student defecating on the bleachers in Barton Hall.But Bookheimer said that the vandalism was observed the morning of Sept. 22., before the concert.“We first noticed the graffiti on the Schwartz Center sometime Saturday morning, so it was unrelated to Avicii as IvyGate reported,” Bookheimer said.Hall said that the damage to the exterior of the Schwartz Center was “extensive.”“It was really disappointing,” Hall said. “We’ve had incidences of graffiti before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a singular incident quite as big.”However, he praised the sorority’s response to the incident as “very quick and responsible.”“I heard from a representative [of Tri-Delta] the very same day,” Hall said. “They were ashamed and saddened that it had happened.”Still, Hall said he was satisfied with the ultimate outcome of the situation.“The damage should be rectified very soon,” Hall said.

Original Author: Kerry Close