October 11, 2012

Fashion Friday: Bundle Up With the Coolest Coats

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Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed fall break and have made a safe albeit reluctant return to Cornell. I know a lot of you probably agree when I say that fall break was definitely too short. The temperature outside might still be in the mid-50s, but winter is definitely creeping up. That means winter coats!

I’ve compiled a list of the best styles out there all for a decent price. Unfortunately, outerwear is usually $200 and up so I’ve tried to keep it around $150. Hey, don’t look at me that way! If you want a good quality covering that will last you through an Ithaca winter (which I trust you all know is especially brutal) you will unfortunately have to pay a bit for quality, even if it hurts.

The Peacoat: Peacoats are awesome. They go with everything and instantly transform your so-so outfit into a classy affair. The only exception is if you’re wearing sweatpants… sorry nothing can save you there. A decent peacoat is definitely not hard to find. Almost all major stores and brands carry some sort of version for it, so make sure to shop around before committing to just one. Check out this smoky grey one ($139.99) from Tommy Hilfiger and this military inspired blue one  ($99) from pixie market. Ooooor you might want to jazz it up with this yellow Calvin Klein one  ($139.99).

The Boyfriend Coat: Ahh how I love thee. Your big, slouchy form feels awesome to put on and your huge, seemingly vast pockets are capable of storing endless amount of items. I’m a sucker for anything oversized so this is definitely one of my favorite styles. Topshop takes the cake when it comes to making them for a decent price. I mean, just look at this delicious camel one ($178) made from mohair and this wool white one ($170).  Zara has an awesome grey version  as well for $159.

The Statement Coat: What I mean by this is a totally wacky, colorful coat that makes you feel instantly happier when you put it on. It’s not something you might necessarily wear on a daily basis (although you can!) but is still something you love. This is my awesome crazy coat  from Anthropologie that just went on sale for $99.95! I love getting all the weird looks from people when I wear it. Also this awesome Southwest inspired BB Dakota coat ($97.50) from Piperlime is pretty sweet too. I found the exact same one on Zappos and Modcloth for $130 and $119.00 respectively so make sure to check out other sites before committing to buying an item.

The Puffy Coat: There is no way around them — definitely not with the kind of winters we have here! It’s the warmest option so definitely a must in everyone’s closet. However, there is no need to sacrifice style for warmth — there are tons of cool, fashionable variations that aren’t that bulky. For instance, have a look at this belted coat from Asos ($158.29) and this light grey one  from Modcloth ($124.99).

The Parka: Although considered more of a heavy jacket than winter coat, the right one can definitely get you through a brutal Ithaca winter. Check out this yellow faux-fur lined one  from Karmaloop and dark, heavy Michael Kors one ($125.59) from Bluefly.

Always, always, always shop around for any item, not just coats. I know I sound repetitive but the price differences out there are crazy! When you’ve settled on one you like, make sure to see if any discount websites like 6pm or Bluefly have it before buying it. One website might be selling be selling it at full-price while the other will have the exact same item on sale. Finally, sites like Etsy and ebay have a great selection of vintage coats for awesome prices if you’re looking for something completely original and unique.

Original Author: Eleni Konstantopoulos