October 14, 2012


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Name: Alyx Cheng

Sport: Equestrian

Division: Open

Career highlight: “Well I’ve only been on the team for a year … [but last year] I qualified for regionals for open fences in our second home show and it was really great because the whole team was there … and that was the day [that] a lot of our horses were misbehaving … it was nice to have a personal positive come out of all the craziness.”

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Junior

Favorite team horse: “Galileo. Galileo and Nellie [actually] used to be mine. I did all of my big eq career on Galileo and he’s my baby.”

Favorite thing about Cornell: “The reason I wanted to come to a place like this is because there are so many different opportunities that you can take advantage of … the fact that I’m able to be involved in Greek Life and be an engineer and be on an athletics team … like, that’s a lot of things and it’s cool that I can take advantage of that.“

Fun Fact: “I have been a ski instructor since I was 14 … and I am professionally certified, and I am still teaching as of [right] now. I’ve been teaching consecutive seasons since my freshman year of high school.”

“Alyx is the teammate everyone dreams about and wishes they had.  She’s a great rider and went to every regular season show during her first year on the team.  Through thick and thin, she’s always been supportive and positive (even when our coach gave her a less than 24 hour notice that she was showing in Ohio for the weekend).  She’s great at math, yoga, and leading the team lift warm up.  Basically, she’s just pretty awesome.” — Emily Webster, senior tri-captain

Original Author: Ariel Cooper