October 15, 2012

OFF THE RECORD | Sachvie Thrusts Way Into Ivy Man Competition

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It seems as though Nick Sachvie is not only a big man on the courts. The senior squash player is competing in Alpha Phi’s 7th annual Ivy Man competition — an event which “showcases the talents of some of Cornell’s most eligible bachelors,” according to the event’s Facebook wall.

Looking to Sachvie’s campaign page, NICK Sachvie for IVY MAN 2012 is sure to grab almost anyone’s attention. The page touts the senior as “A TRIPPLE THREAT-— star athlete (#1 squash player), beautiful, and BIG (pictures don’t lie) … and he’s Canadian.”

In addition to Sachvie’s detailed bio, there is an album entitled “50 Shades of Nick.” The photos highlight the Canadian’s dedication to household chores, such as cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry, as well as his expert ability in weilding a fire extinguisher.

It looks like Sachvie is a man of many talents. It will be interesting to see if Sachvie’s performance at Ivy Man can garner more fan support than the Red’s regular season matches at Belkin.

Original Author: Lauren Ritter