October 18, 2012

Fashion Friday: Halloween Edition (Look So Good It’s Scary)

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It is almost that day — you know, “the one day a year where a girl can dress like a total”….well, where one can dress crazy, sexy, scary or silly and, yes, no one can say anything. I’m talking about Halloween, of course! And, since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, it’s likely that the entire weekend (and the Monday and Tuesday) leading up to the big day will be festive as well. That means there are a lot of opportunities for dress up, and a lot of costumes that need to be conceived and put together beforehand. That’s why I’m here to help you out. Here are some fun, free, silly, sexy and peculiar costume ideas.

The first category most girls go to when considering costume ideas is the sexy route. Girls, bunnies, cats and other fuzzy animals are actually cute costume ideas, and pretty cheap to execute (ears and a tail is not a huge undertaking). However, it’d be refreshing if we could all stray from these generic ensembles and try to be a little more creative. I’m not suggesting the abandonment of risqué costumes in the least, but why not pursue a pin-up girl or a sexy flapper? At least those costumes involve the element of trying to capture a period or era (in addition to a heavy element of sex appeal). There’s always the funny-sexy route as well; I mean, it’s absolutely hysterical to envision a plumber (plunger and all) in a miniskirt and tied up flannel. This is such an easy idea to execute, allows for as much skin and sass as you’d like, and is also free of that generic and stereotypical (and a little bit desperate) Halloween sexpot style.

Celebrities are always a fun idea to attempt. Grab five baby dolls, pout those lips and throw on a black dress with a slit up-to-there, and, voila! You are giving Angelina a run for her money. If you have a cute boy willing to dress as Brad, well, that’s always a plus… Britney Spears circa any era is always easy and recognizable, as is Michael Jackson (be lazy and wear one glove). Along with celebrities, popular movie characters are always an option. Boys, own a striped sweater? Congratulations! You have your Freddy Krueger (or, like, Waldo) costume down! Girls, thrown on as much pink as possible and grab a stuffed dog — preferably a Chihuahua — and people will see visions of Elle Woods. Just like the Black Swan look of last year, expect Katniss from Hunger Games to be prominent, and avoid being her yourself! Halloween is the one night where you should strive to stand out, and blending in is practically a crime. It’s also too awkward to be one of eight girls in the same costume and watch as each person’s eyes scan you, screaming “WHO WORE IT BEST?” (Post-party Facebook photos only extend this torture).

Scary costumes are a great way to go, as well. You can totally commit to Mike Meyers or that weird Scream masked figure, or you can be ironic and wear your everyday clothes with a face full of faux-blood and bullet marks. It is a little strange to attempt the sexy-scary look (Cady in Mean Girls — all I’m going to say), but full-on frightful fashion is really impressive and totally appropriate when done right. A spooky costume can be quick and easy to prepare, as well. If you have a lot of (or, like me, only) black clothing, throw on some black lipstick and nail polish and you have a legitimate goth costume. And, yes, a goth costume is a uni-sex idea; boys are entitled to wear as much make-up as girls any day but especially on Halloween.

There are so many options for costume, and, with many possible nights of celebration, you don’t have to go consistently costume crazy. Pick one great or exciting idea that is going to make you feel fabulous and work hard on that ensemble. For the other nights, it is completely acceptable to take the lazy way out (even if you just wear a skull or something), grab a cup of punch and have a wickedly good time.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn