October 29, 2012

Overheards: Bunnies and Boo-ritos

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Looking for a bunny…

“If you’re going to be a carrot, you’d better be a proud, erect carrot!”

-Level B

So sensual

Guy: “I have an 8th sense, okay?”

Girl: “… so what are 6 and 7?”


One for this, one for that…

“I basically have 2 boyfriends for all intents and purposes.”

-Ivy Room

Shameful Parking

“It’s like her car is in time out!”

-The Commons


“What’s the medicine that gives you boners?”


Free Boo-ritos

“I would cover my entire body in tinfoil just for free Chipotle.”

-Libe Café

Oh, Sandy…

“I wonder how many frats are going to fall into the gorge after Sandy rips through?”

-Uris Hall

Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta