October 29, 2012

Simple Snacks for the (Veggie) Soul

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Many of you may know that I’m a bit of a fashion freak. Well, it just so happens that I’m a health nut, too (I guess I’m covering all categories of crazy these days). I just can’t help myself —  it feels good to eat food that’s fresh, organic, healthy and does not have a label containing possible explosives and / or elements not even present on the periodic table. However, I am a busy student myself, and, even though the dining halls make eating well easier with their attempts to offer healthier options and in labeling the food (zero trans fats, vegan, vegetarian, etc), I still find it hard to balance work, diet, sleep and breathing. Therefore, it’s nice to have some recipes that are healthy, simple, quick, and, most importantly, tasty to have on hand when you’re feeling particularly pressured. I am a vegetarian (vegan when I can resist my one kryptonite: Fro-yo), so of course any recipe I present will be vegetarian. But carnivores, do not fret! Vegetarian options are just as delicious and as important in any diet as meat products and meals. The particular recipe in store for my first foray in food blogging is one that has become essential to my schedule (and taste buds): Over-sleeper’s Oatmeal. I myself am an early riser  — you know, that girl who is annoyingly alert and cheery in your 9:05 a.m. class. Let it be known that most of us early birds crash by mid-afternoon, but I digress. Over-sleeper’s Oatmeal is a variation on the classic and extremely healthy breakfast staple, but saves a ton of time (hence the name), tastes absolutely delicious, and can be played with very easily, allowing you to break out of the boring breakfast bind you may be in. Best of all, nearly all of the ingredients for this treat are available for purchase at any of the Cornell marketplaces.

Ingredients/Measurements (Serves 1):1/3 cup of regular oats (or 1 packet of Quakers Classic Instant Oatmeal)1/2 cup of milk (soy, almond or rice to make it vegan!)1/2 cup of water2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal1/2 a medium banana (or a whole small banana)1 tablespoon of either cream cheese (Tofutti for Vegans) or nut-butter (peanut, sunflower, almond). Either works for texture and thickness, so it’s your choice!

1. Take your oats and pour them into a sealable container (for the later refrigeration process). Add milk and water and stir.2. Add in the flax meal.3. Chop the banana into very small pieces. Add, along with cream cheese or nut butter, and stir.Once this is all done, seal off your bowl of oatmeal, leave it in the fridge and get some sleep. When you awaken, voila! You will have a delicious treat that takes zero preparation time. You can choose to heat it up if you prefer, but give cold oatmeal a try  —  you may be surprised at how great it tastes.

Optional toppings:-a handful of nuts for protein, energy and antioxidants (I love almonds and walnuts)-cocoa powder (just 1 teaspoon or less) for a banana-split style breakfast

Nutritional Info (using Tofutti and Soymilk):Calories: 350Carbs: 52 gDietary Fiber: 10.1 gSugar: 15.4 gProtein: 12.1 g

Original Author: Meghan Flynn