November 6, 2012

And That’s a Wrap!

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Your stomach grumbles, signaling it’s 1:30, also known as lunch time. You make your way to Statler to wait on the epically long line for a salad … or maybe today you’ll cut ahead a little to grab a wrap. But why wait so long to eat and then lump yourself into the crowded seating area where it will take plenty of additional time to find a seat? Although further up the road, Trillium is not too much different, but it is slightly less populated and also slightly more generous.You can’t go wrong with any of the wrap choices, but I particularly recommend the Ranch wrap. It usually comes with typical fixings: A white flour tortilla, rice, chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon and Ranch dressing. They may imply you can’t mix and match other toppings, but flash some big eyes and a small smile and you can change things up. For example, I substitute the rice with refried beans to take away some of the starchiness. I also don’t put on bacon because it shifts the flavor dynamic from the chicken, which doesn’t work overly well in conjunction with the creaminess of the beans and dressing. The pork is too potent, so I ask for black olives instead; in this way, the olives and lettuce introduce a difference in texture and the consistency works better with the other flavors. Although extra dressing isn’t always the healthiest, every now and then if you splurge and ask for some I can guarantee you’ll be happier as then it’s spread through every bite.Trillium has made the wrap a $7 science, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same meal at home as well — you could even turn it into a salad if you’re trying to avoid carbs. Bell peppers or other vegetables with a crunch would also be great additions. Manipulating these basic ingredients isn’t hard and tailoring them to your taste makes a great sit-down meal either in the dining halls or at home. And, well, that’s a wrap!

Original Author: Danielle Diniz