November 11, 2012

Granola: A Sonnet

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Cereal is the perfect morning mealGood for any mood, no matter how you feelWhether cold or hot, with milk or dryThere are so many types for us to tryBut, alas, from one kind I cannot abstainGranola — that mixture of fruit and grain

Homemade granola is easy to makePlus the store-bought stuff can often be fakeMake it yourself and you choose what to includeA personalized and tasty breakfast foodIt will last in your fridge for quite a whileAnd all of your friends will dig your style

To make the granola, the instructions are shortWhether making one serving, or a couple of quartsFirst, start with about five parts rolled oatsAdd two part nuts, any kind will floatPeanuts or pistachio, or of course some cashewsAlmonds are great, shredded coconut tooAdd one part syrup or honey, something to sweetenMix it up with some oil, but it’s not quite ready to be eatenToast in an oven, 350 degreesUntil golden brown, it’s really a breeze

Now for the additions, so much to choose from!Raisins or dates, even chopped up dried plumsAdding many dried fruits is the way to goLike apples and bananas, apricots and mangoHere is your chance to really make it uniqueGranola additions can be whatever you seek

Add different whole grains, or try it with seedsIt’s up to you, you decide what it needsIt’s a special cereal that you have now madeTry it just once, I promise you will be swayedHomemade granola is a filling and healthy mealAnd with cheap ingredients, it’s also a steal

To serve, just mix into your favorite ChobaniDon’t have any yogurt? Well, go buy some ChobaniYou can munch on it dry, and with milk is good tooShare it with friends, or keep it all for youMake breakfast yourself, you really all shouldAdd whatever suits you, it will really be goodAnd so ends my ode to homemade granolaI think I will go grab myself a bowl … uh

Original Author: Zachary Siegel