November 13, 2012

The Sun’s Best Content, Now Available on Your E-Book Reader

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The Cornell Daily Sun presents the most noteworthy articles published in print and online from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15 in one convenient place.

Download this e-book onto your computer or e-book reader to catch up on any Cornell news you may have missed this month. Instructions on how to use this e-book are below.

Instructions for iBooks

Option 1) Visit this page on your iPad or iPhone and click this link to download the ebook. Select the “Open in iBooks” option

Option 2) Click this link to download the file onto your computer and use the application Dropbox to transfer the file to your device.

Option 3) Click this link to download the file onto your computer and email the file to yourself as an attachment. Then, open the attachment on your device.

Instructions for Kindle: Click on this link to download the appropriate file onto your desktop and use a USB connection to transfer it to your device. Or, email the file to the Kindle email address associated with your Kindle account.

Don’t have a mobile device? There are many free ebook readers on the Internet that will allow you to read this ebook on your computer. You can download the free Kindle app here: you download the reader, click this link to access the ebook and open it with the ebook reader.

Other readers

Click this link to download the epub format of the ebook, recognized by Nook and Sony ebook readers.

Original Author: Juan Forrer