November 14, 2012

Ten Questions with Maggie Remsen

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Ten Questions Columnist Katie Schubauer caught up with women’s squash senior Maggie Remsen to discuss her best friend, her singing abilities and inside vacation jokes.

1. Maggie, you are a senior captain on the women’s squash team. What has squash meant to you over the course of your college career?

Squash has meant a lot to me. It was really nice to come in to Cornell with an established group of friends. It has also given me a lot of structure and a lot of social ties to a great group of people. It’s been a really great thing for me to have as an addition to what I do here at Cornell.

Who is your favorite teammate?

Oh my gosh. My favorite teammate probably changes on a daily basis. In the past it has always been Lauren Sachvie, but I guess this year I would have to say … Lindsey Seginson, who we call ‘Nemo.’

Do you have someone on the team who needs special assistance and whom you help with schoolwork?

Yeah. Fellow Squash captain Nicholas Sachvie is also a Comm. major and I like for him to send me his things before he hands them in so I can look them over and I help him with his deadlines and that kind of thing.

2. Why are you so fond of Brown University’s squash coach?

(Laughing) The Brown University Squash coach is Chris Sachvie. He was a senior here when I was a freshman and we …. really enjoyed our time together when he was here.

Has it ever been awkward for you to date your big sister’s brother?

No … I hope not. I don’t think so anyway. I kind of became good friends with my big sister before dating her big brother (laughing) — this sounds so weird — so I think that really helped. For the record she is my big sister in my sorority just so there is no confusion.

Who is a better cuddler, Nick or Chris Sachvie?

I would have to say Chris ….

3. Is it true that your best friend is 90+ years old?

Yes. He is ninety-three and it’s my grandfather and his nickname is ‘Moon’ because his head is so round.

How did you and Ali Guba become friends?

On one of the first nights of orientation week our freshman year, Ali and I met and discovered that her best friend from home and I had been involved with the same person at the same time. Apparently, Ali had been looking at me on Facebook not knowing I was also going to Cornell and when we realized who each other was it was a very ironic and weird moment.

4. Do you consider yourself a good singer?


Is it true you can hit notes as high as Michael Jackson?

Yes. He is one of my biggest influences.

Have you ever been in a singing group?

Freshman year of high school I tried out for my a capella group singing a great song from a Gap commercial at the time called ‘Love Train.’ It really didn’t show my range, so unfortunately I did not make that a capella group.

Can you please describe your favorite dance move?

OK, yes. I’m very proud of this dance move. It’s called ‘The Elephant’ and it basically requires one hand on the head and the other hand stretched out and waving in the air just like an elephant’s trunk and it’s been really popular with my team and my friends. They seem to really like it.

5. Do you consider yourself a good driver?

Yes, I do! And I don’t think my teammates think that I am a good driver because I get a little careless, but yes. I feel very strongly about this, and I would really like to know who doesn’t think I’m a good driver.

How many accidents have you been in?

Zero on record … but maybe two or three minor minor accidents here and there.

How many cars have you had at school?

I’ve actually had four different cars up at school, which sounds ridiculous but it’s kind of just recycling what’s not being used at home. I think the crowd favorite of the cars I’ve had up here was my burnt orange Saturn car that I had sophomore year … which I actually got into a car accident with so it had to be taken home. But yeah … four different cars.

What kind of car do you drive now?

I drive the Nissan Rogue and people like to say that ‘Maggie’s gone rogue’ while I’m driving it. Or maybe I just like to say that.

6. What would you say to the rumor that your family was genetically engineered to be blond-haired and beautiful and good at country club sports?

(Laughing) I don’t think that’s true! I’m definitely blonde but other than that I’m not sure how accurate that statement is. We’re all just really, really tall.

7. Who is Sylvester?

Sylvester Stallone is my elephant…my stuffed animal elephant who is on my bed right now.

Speaking of that, you live in a large house in Collegetown, but could you please tell us specifically about your room?

Well, I live in a 12-room house that has huge rooms— one room has its own walk-in closet and I happen to have the tiniest room in the house. It’s on the first floor and it’s the size of that walk-in closet. It’s pretty much the same size as my bed, but it also happens to be the room within the house where we hang out the most and I’m really proud of that.

What is your preferred method of entering the house?

Through my window and onto my bed.

8. What is your favorite inside joke from vacation?

Well, in Punta Cana sophomore year my friend, William Kiplinger found a very tiny lime in one of his drinks and it was just really funny because he’s not tiny and so our joke was “the tiniest of limes” and there was a very funny picture where he is holding the lime out with his long fingers. But my friend, Nicole Uber, who was not on that trip absolutely hates that joke so we try not to say it too much nowadays.

Original Author: Katie Schubauer