November 27, 2012

Overheards: Thrift Shops, Hot Dogs and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Thrift Shop

“He looks like Macklemore at age 10.”


Chips on a Stick?

“Don’t leave, I’m literally at hot dog land!”


Checking off Number 1

“I’ve had sex in academic buildings. Physical sciences. It’s open all night… But there’s no one in there!”


Makes Sense

“I saw something funny this morning. A guy was walking to class with a vitamin water in one hand… And a cigarette in the other. Ironic isn’t it? And kind of counterproductive…”

-Arts Quad


“Four more years of free birth control, scoreee!”


Party Time

“Attention. Boys in the bathroom. Together.”


Are we RECording?

After asking for the audience to be honest, “Make love to me? That’s not honesty, it’s fantasy.”

-JGL, Bailey Hall

Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta