January 13, 2013

As Rush Week Begins, Cornell Punishes Two More Fraternities

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A recent incident of “underage and excessive alcohol consumption” has led Cornell to expel the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity for at least one year, the University announced Monday. Cornell also announced Monday that Pi Kappa Phi will be punished for violating University policy, making it the third fraternity to face judicial consequences at the outset of spring rush.

The most recent incident of underage and excessive drinking tied to Phi Sig occurred on Dec. 2, but was just one in a “history of similar infractions over the past two years,” according to a statement from Tommy Bruce, vice president for University communications. Bruce’s statement did not elaborate further on the nature of the violations, and University administrators did not respond to requests for interviews on Monday.

As a result of Cornell’s decision, Phi Sigma Kappa will not be able to recruit new members, Bruce said. Representatives from the fraternity also did not return requests for comment on Monday.

Additionally, the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity has been placed on “provisional recognition status” for a period of no less than four years, according to Bruce’s statement. The decision is the result of three specific incidents over the course of a year, including one on Nov. 4, that also involved “underage and excessive alcohol consumption,” Bruce said.

Although on probation, Pi Kappa Phi can still recruit new members, the statement said.

Monday’s announcement follows Cornell’s decision, made public on Wednesday, to revoke its recognition of the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. The fraternity has been kicked off campus for at least four years after two of its pledges were hospitalized in a “mentally scarring” and “sexually humiliating” hazing incident, University officials said.

Both Phi Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Phi may appeal the University’s decision within the next two days.

Original Author: Kerry Close