January 20, 2013

Playlists for Any Occasion: Dull Brain, Lull to Sleep

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We are all familiar with the feeling of denial right before the semester begins. Flashes of panic enter our minds as we realize that our days will no longer consist of watching three seasons How I Met Your Mother. This is why we decided to bring you the first installment of our new blog series of themed playlists for any occasion.

From the desk of The Boogie Knights:

We’ve all been there.  3:42 in the morning, laying in bed, impending doom or imminent delights just around the corner.  You know you need your rest, but there’s just too much floating around up there in that skull of yours for you to float away into Slumberland.  How are you supposed to fall asleep when you know that Oracle is just waiting to punch you in the face as soon as you wake up?  Or when you’re just so excited to see Taio Cruz for Slope Day that you might soil yourself?! (Oh, wait…)

Well, we have a musical remedy for this extraordinarily frustrating problem. Enter this strategically organized melodic tranquilizer. It begins cerebral and hypnotic, drowning out the other thoughts bouncing around in your head. It then progresses, becoming steadily slower and more soothing until, oh look you’re PTFO and you don’t even know how it happened. That’s some ninja shit. So press play and receive your exclusive invite to aforementioned Slumberland.

Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy, Cornell University,

The Boogie Knights

Dull Brain, Lull to Sleep:

1. “Bright Whites” – Kishi Bashi

2. “Heart it Races – As Played By Dr Dog” – Architecture in Helsinki

3. “Intro” – M83

4. “I Can Change” – LCD Soundsystem

5. “I’ve Got Your Number” – Passion Pit

6. “Breathing Underwater” – Metric

7. “New Theory” – Washed Out

8. “Genesis” – Grimes

9. “The Cold, The Dark & The Silence” – Sea Wolf

10. “Heaven Waits” – Geographer

11. “The Ruminant Band” – Fruit Bats

12. “Transatlantique” – Beirut

13. “One of These Things First” – Nick Drake

14. “These Winds” – Tunng

15. “Lullabye” – Emitt Rhodes

Original Author: Sarah Finegold