January 21, 2013

Here’s to Sippin’ Mexican Hot Chocolate

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The cutting wind and icy air have given me a taste of what winter is like in Ithaca. Back in Corpus Christi, Texas where the palm trees sway, the sun shines over the bay and “winter” temperatures reach 70 degrees, winter is merely an abstract idea, and by that I mean it basically doesn’t exist. So yeah. This is a real change.

On the bright side, the freezing cold makes a cup of cocoa 100 times more enjoyable, and when it comes to hot chocolate, the varieties are endless. Whether it’s making instant hot chocolate, salted caramel hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate or my personal favorite, Mexican hot chocolate, the ingredients are simple and the process is easy. Mexican hot chocolate is a little more unusual up here, but it’s muy delicioso! It’s just a little richer and a touch heavier. Perfect to warm you up!

It’s the start of the semester and we’re all going to have to brave the weather and the work. Stir up a cup of Mexican hot chocolate to make your dorm room a little cozier, your hands a little warmer and winter a little sweeter. Here’s to hot chocolate sippin’.

Tyler Florence’s Mexican Hot Chocolate (Serves 6)


Chop up the Mexican chocolate and mix in a saucepan with milk, sugar and salt over a medium-low flame. Stir and let sit for 5-10 minutes until chocolate is melted. And voila! Finish by topping each drink with some marshmallows and adding cinnamon sticks to stir.

Original Author: Kay Xiao