February 3, 2013

Why We Keep Watching

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The beginning of spring semester can mean only one thing (no, not Rush Week): Our favorite shows are back from hiatus, which means I’m back and watching more TV than I probably have time for.

When I started watching New Girl in the fall of 2011, my expectations were high. As a naive freshman at Cornell, I was excited about the idea of a weird girl hanging out a variety of people and navigating young adult life. However, my high expectations were soon cut short when I realized how annoying the show (and Cornell) could be. I was not amused by Zooey Deschanel’s cute-quirkiness, the repeated jokes about Schmidt being a douche or having to climb the footbridge twice a day. Over time, I realized what every Cornell student and avid-TV watcher must do: find reasons to hold on.

For me, it was Jess (Zooey) and Nick’s (Jake Johnson) chemistry and the hopes of them finally getting together. Throughout all Zooey’s attempts at being quirky, Nick’s overdone sadness and all of the racism New Girl watchers have had to endure, the possibility of Nick and Jess’s future relationship (couple name: Ness) that rivaled the intensity of Ross and Rachel kept me watching this show.

In the most recent episode, “Cooler,” Nick and Jess get locked behind a door during a drinking game and are forced to kiss. After a painfully awkward few hours, Jess says, “Just kiss me!” to which Nick perfectly and passionately blurts out, “Not like this!” Before Ness fans (I’ll call them Ness-ers) have the chance to cheer, Nick climbs out the window to avoid facing what he just admitted to Jess — and to himself.

Fortunately, this was not the end for Ness-ers, because at the end of the episode, Nick does the thing we’ve all been waiting for: pulls Jess into the best kiss we could have hoped for. He topped it off with the line that made Ness-ers squeal with happiness: “I meant something like that.” Jess, along with the rest of us, is absolutely stunned by Nick’s suaveness and the kiss’s intensity and passion.

Now that it finally happened, we’re all wondering: When will Jess break it off with current boyfriend Sam? When will Nick and Jess finally get together? If this relationship kept me holding onto the show for this long without anything happening, now it definitely has me clinging on with full force.

So if you watch New Girl, or any show for that matter, what keeps you tuning in every week? Is it a relationship, a certain character or simply the enjoyment of watching? Whatever it is, what about it makes you keep watching?

And how about Cornell? What keeps me from changing the channel or turning it off altogether? Despite the annoyances (the weather, the amount of schoolwork, the footbridge, the list goes on…), I found things to keep me holding on. I got involved with organizations, met some of my best friends and started blogging for The Sun (which gives me ample reason to take TV breaks every so often)! Sure, it gets stressful (and I even have to interact with people like Schmidt sometimes), but I know there is a reason for all the madness. And more often than not, it is so worth it.

Original Author: Samantha Weisman