February 4, 2013

Anonymous Donor to Give Up to $25,000 to Cornell Senior Class Campaign

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The 2013 Senior Class Campaign announced Monday that an unnamed donor will donate up to $25,000 to a scholarship fund on behalf of the senior class.

“Starting today, for every senior that gives to the campaign, the anonymous donor will give $25 toward a scholarship fund, up to $25,000. So if we get 1,000 seniors to give to our campaign, then this anonymous donor will provide a $25,000 scholarship in the name of the Class of 2013,” said Jonathan Weinberg ’13, co-president of the 2013 Senior Class Campaign.

As the donor has chosen to remain anonymous, Susan Murphy ’73 Ph.D. ’94, vice president for student and academic services, will represent the donor during the campaign, according to co-president Fiona Ismail ’13.

“[Murphy] is going to be serving as the voice and the face of him or her,” Ismail said.

Weinberg, who is also a columnist for The Sun, said he hopes the donation will motivate more seniors to donate to and participate in the Senior Class Campaign.

“This challenge encourages a number of seniors to give,” he said. “We want as many seniors as possible to give, no matter how much they can afford to give personally, and this donor made sure that those numbers will really count.”

According to Ismail, the donation will contribute to the senior class’ legacy at Cornell by enabling new students to attend the University.

“The gift has been really important for us because now that we’re leaving, we want to leave a mark on campus,” Ismail said. “This gift is a great way for us to help future Cornell students come here if they can’t afford it and make sure that opportunities are available for them.”

The gift will also help the senior class display its  appreciation for the University, Weinberg said.

“I think that it is a big day for us. We can really show how we are thanking Cornell, and it will really pay off for future students that need it,” he said. “We’re really excited about that, and it is our hope that seniors are as excited as we are to give back.”

Original Author: Lauren Avery