February 5, 2013

After Pipe Bursts, Basement of Barnes Hall Floods

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Updated Wednesday with information from the Public Service Center:

The basement of Barnes Hall flooded Monday, forcing Cornell Career Services and Public Service Center staff to evacuate while University staff responded.

Staff have still not been able to return to their office, according to Danica Fisher, assistant director of public relations for the Public Service Center.

As of Tuesday, 103 Barnes Hall — the location of Cornell Career Services — remained closed, according to a sign posted at the Ho Plaza entrance of the building.

The flood occurred at around noon due to the cold water pipe of the building cracking, according to Joseph Lalley, senior director of facilities operations. There were no injuries reported.

After clearing out the building, the University’s flood response team started to clean up and clear the damage in the basement, Lalley said.

“Some water made it to Ho Plaza, but the appropriate notifications to environmental officials were made,” Lalley added.

Lalley said that, as of Monday evening, the cracked pipe was “back in order.” It was not clear what caused the building’s water pipe to crack, according to Lalley.

“These things happen from time to time, but I think everyone responded appropriately and in good time,” he said.

Original Author: Akane Otani