February 13, 2013

The Loco Locavore: (Foodie) Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

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Dear reader,

Today is February 14; one month until my birthday (big TWO ONE this year), and the day when one hundred and one years ago my home state of Arizona joined the union. It also just so happens to be the day when billions (give or take a few million) of couples will celebrate their [insert appropriate word here] for each other. Hallmark will also celebrate, probably by making it rain in its corporate office. What will I celebrate? Thursday.

I have a weird relationship with Valentine’s Day. I typically spend the week prior bracing myself for those pesky ads on the tube and phone calls/texts from friends or acquaintances asking what they should cook for dinner for their main squeeze. It’s even better when these inquiries come from a past “complication” (#austinbubenproblems). Nevertheless, as much as my single self wants to walk around all day wallowing about the fact that I am spending yet another Valentine’s Day single, I try to remind myself of all the day’s other (foodie) perks:

1. Discount Candy

First and foremost: Nothing compares to 60% off boxes of assorted bon bons amongst other confectionary delights at your local convenience store post-Valentine’s Day. Although there may be slim pickings, do some digging and there’s bound to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as well as your lonely self.

2. Dolla Dolla Bills

As an aspiring chef, nothing could be better than a holiday when the societal expectation is to treat your partner to a hot (and expensive) date.  Valentine’s Day, along with Mother’s Day, is one of the busiest and most profitable days for the restaurant industry. Who knew love and money could be so closely tied? Dine on, you lovebirds, dine on.

3. A Care Package From Mom

Yes, this still happens. My mom texted me today letting me know to expect a “special delivery” from home. The package will probably consist of more assorted confections along with some other random presents (one year, she sent furry pink socks for my best friend), but hey, it’s still love.

4. Leftovers

Shout-out to my roomies here. Fancy dinner means fancy leftovers, all of which I will consume within moments of them returning to their respective rooms to “celebrate.” Again, eating my feelings.

I can’t come up with a fifth; needless to say, I better not have to write a similar article next year. Applications are out y’all.

Anyway, for all you couples out there, celebrate on. For all you singles out there, don’t despair, just look on the bright side and make your own list. Maybe add cats to yours?

XOXO,The Loco Locavore (excuse my lack of local here)

Original Author: Austin Buben