February 14, 2013

Fashion Friday: Make Cornell Your Catwalk

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Well, well, bet you thought I was going to do some kind of love-oriented fashion post, didn’t you? Maybe one titled, “How to dress for Valentine’s Day weekend with your boo OR your crew!” or something? Nope. I’ll say this: You can dress in black to be ironic and rebellious, or don something red to embrace the holiday in all its showy glory. Most people look good in either color, which is nice for both you pessimists (said to my own reflection) and you lovers. OK, now I’m done with Valentine’s Day, at least for the next 364 days. On to a more important subject: NYFW.

For all you twitterers out there, you may have seen #NYFW trending for the past week or two. This, of course, stands for New York Fashion Week, which is currently coming to a close. The beautiful, powerful and size-zero fashion folk come out to play in NYC for a week or so to view the coveted collections. The runways showed the Fall 2013 looks, and some were pretty spectacular. Sometimes this is a bummer, though. I mean, I’m not going to wear houndstooth or anything of that nature now that spring is on the horizon, but I don’t want to wait to start rocking the newest trends.    Fortunately, I don’t have to — and neither do you! Sure, some of the looks are definitely worth holding off on until next fall actually arrives (and we return from the Heaven that is summer break to the cruel and hellish rigor of Cornell), but other trends and styles can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe now, and well into the coming Spring.

1. Surprising Brights: OK, obviously winter is when goths like me revel in the acceptance of dark colors and all black, all the time. However, the runways were full of bright and minimal color accents that totally transformed otherwise average ensembles. Try a brightly colored blouse beneath a dark, neutral blazer, paired with equally neutral pants. A scarf can have the same highlighting effect, especially if you have a nice coat you love to wear frequently (and if you don’t, you might as well invest in one — you’ll be wearing it until May). Are you a risk-taker? Then to all my make-up masters out there, try this trend for nights out on the town (you’ll impress EVERYONE at Pixel). A swipe of bright color along the lash-line or across your lips can look amazing! Just keep the rest of your make-up to a minimum.

2. Transition Tricks: So, you bought a cut-out dress because it was just too cute, or on sale or something, but if you try to wear it now, you may develop hypothermia. Solution? Layer it! This trend may leave you feeling like a sixth grader emulating Avril Lavigne, but I swear, when done right it looks so chic. Take a form-fitting, neutral, long-sleeved top and simply layer it beneath your dress. It adds warmth, and also tones down the formality and outlandishness of the cut-outs (so you can wear it more than once a semester without feeling dramatic or repetitive). You can add tights to change up the look, too. Similarly, if you have a dress that feels too short, but you’re sick of tights, or are seeking a way to change it up, try biker shorts. Yes, I’m serious. Dark, tight shorts that merely peek out beneath a skirt or dress were one of my favorite trends to come out of this NYFW. Just don’t get a spandex pair from, like, Dick’s or something.

3. Cinch it up: OK, I know you’re all still working off the winter weight that came from two-hundred too many Christmas cookies. But I also know you’re all working your bodies towards Spring Break standards, so don’t be afraid to highlight and show off your shape! Belts over blazers are a great way to add some structure to a look, as are layering multiple belts; just keep them skinny! And tying belts in themselves is apparently a place to show off your stylish side, as Oscar de la Renta revealed in his (to die for) runway show. This trend is so easy to execute that you’d be crazy not to try it. And even if you’re not ready to give up hibernation and hit the gym (I never will be), a belt can clean-up any look, and create a lovely shape, no matter what your size.

So, there you have it. In these dreary winter months, feeling fashion-forward is a nice way to perk yourself up, and these absurdly easy trends offer a way to do just that. Pretend Ho-Plaza is your runway and ignore the haters, the frat brothers shouting at you about their charities and the occasional flash-mobs. Just channel your inner Karlie Kloss, and strut your stylish selves. But, like, adapt your walk and strut fast … models don’t have to deal with Ithaca weather.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn