Harlem Shake, Cornell Edition: Best and Worst Spinoffs

Everyone knows that the best way to procrastinate is to make YouTube videos —especially if you are as tech-savvy, attention-loving and desperate to avoid homework as we all are here on East Hill. So it’s no wonder that the latest internet oddity has already spawned its share of imitations in which Cornellians flail, groove, grind and dance with condom balloons, animal masks, bicycles and small children — not necessarily all at once. At great personal sacrifice — there are some things you can’t unsee!! — the Sun has reviewed these videos and broken down the best and the worst for your viewing pleasure. A little birdie told us that the best Cornell spinoff is yet to come, and may just be happening this Friday… In the meantime, check these videos out — after all, it beats studying, right?

The coolest of the Cornell spinoffs is hands-down the architects’ Dragon Day-themed clip.  

Fun fact: In addition to their moves, the sisters of Delta Gamma reveal in this clip that their house has an impressive collection of sparkly tutus. 

This clip of a shirtless wolfman busting a move in last weekend’s blizzard may or may not have anything to do with Cornell, but it purports to be filmed in Ithaca, and is far too freaky not to share. 

Last and probably least is AEPi’s unabashedly fratty take on the dance. I sort of suspect that these guys dance lewdly around in their boxers all the time, but whatever.

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Original Author: Eliza LaJoie