February 17, 2013

Nine Seasons In, Grey’s Anatomy Keeps Fans Watching

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How often do we actually stand up for what you believe in? Sure, we complain and sometimes even blog about it, but how often do we actually defend our beliefs?

On Grey’s Anatomy this week, this concept was put to the test. In its ninth season, this show has gone through the most outrageous situations possible: bombs, plane crashes, a crazy amount of deaths, car accidents and more. Through it all, we somehow fell in love with incredibly relatable characters and their relationships with each other, their careers and medicine.

Whenever crazy things happen, all of these relationships are put on the line. Right now, after five doctors sued the hospital after a plane crash, the administration is forced to sell the hospital. They are planning on downsizing and streamlining the approach to medicine, a prospect making the doctors miserable. Finally, the doctors did what we’ve been suggesting all along: offer to spend their multi-million dollar settlements and buy the hospital themselves. Unfortunately, this decision to solve everything may and will create further conflict.

This episode, “Hard Bargain,” was filled with dramatic, stormy music (dark and twisty, anyone?) as storms raged within and outside the hospital. Callie, Arizona, Derek, Meredith and Christina spent a good amount of time arguing and discussing before making their decision to quit and buy the hospital. The whole thing felt like a secret heist, with the doctors divided and their future in jeopardy, and actually made me excited about watching this show — which is a hard thing to do after that plane crash killed two of my favorite characters.

The endangerment of the hospital puts a strain on all of the characters and their relationships. Christina and Owen — kind of back together after their divorce — are actually good for once, but now he thinks she is going against him by quitting. But if she tells him the real plan, it could jeopardize his career and the whole plan. Is she doing the right thing by keeping it from him? Is it worth risking her happiness with him for the well-being of the hospital?

Arizona and Derek have a bit of a scuffle as well, since Arizona thinks his reason for wanting to execute the plan is because he feels guilty for surviving the plane crash — and not losing a limb (like Arizona). She thinks he likes playing the hero (which he often does), which is why she is reluctant to sign onto the plan. It is only when Bailey threatens to leave because of the changes that Arizona sees the truly horrifying consequences of the sale of the hospital.

So now the doctors have lost their jobs, signed onto creating their own corporation and agreed to spend their lawsuit money and more on saving the Seattle Grace: the hospital that they have spent nine years in — growing up, falling in love, building careers and more.

Sounds kind of like Cornell, or any school for that matter, doesn’t it? What lengths would you go to in order to save the place you call home? Or the institution that gave you the life you know and love?

Callie and the others were more than right to stand up for what they believe in and take action. The problem is, their brave decision may have set them up for more trouble than they intended. We’ll just have to see how it pans out, and if all of the trouble is worth it.

All Grey’s fans can sense that a storm is brewing; this episode was nothing short of dark, twisty and foreshadow-y. Although the past few season have certainly slacked from the earlier ones, this storyline actually has me hooked, and I cannot wait to see what happens next week!

Original Author: Samantha Weisman