February 28, 2013

Fashion Friday: Cornell’s Core (Fashionable) Four

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Ok, so in my last post, I complained about missing New York Fashion Week. I’m not taking back my complaints (obviously), and now that it’s Paris Fashion Week, I find myself craving fashion even more. However, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There ARE legitimate, truly awesome fashion organizations and outlets here in Ithaca, on our very own campus. No, really—I swear.

You may have heard of some of these fashion groups or have read their publications. Perhaps you’ve seen a group of really trendy kids walking together, Doc Martens in-step, and glanced down at your own parka and clunky rain-boots in a mixture of envy and shame. Or maybe you’ve just been completely oblivious to the stylish sect of Cornell up until now. No matter where you fall, it’s time for you to be enlightened to these groups, which are all student-run, and all open for the style-obsessed to join. And who knows? The president of one of these clubs may be the next Diane von Furstenberg or Calvin Klein. Heck, maybe YOU’RE the next big thing …

1. Cornell Fashion Collective (CFC):Who: Students seeking an outlet to express creativity in fashion/fashion management.Current President: Susan FreemanWhat they do: Each spring, they present a professional runway show featuring the talent of students who both design apparel and manage the behind the scenes operations of the show. This show, which is the largest student run event on campus, allows both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to practice design, demonstrate their talents and learn how to produce a large-scale fashion event. The show will be held April 27 in Barton Hall, and tickets go on sale April 1 (Anna Wintour may or may not be there).How to get involved: Meetings are every Thursday at 5:00 PM in MVR G71Follow them on Twitter (ugh, so #trendy): @CUFASHION #CUFASHION.

2. Careers in the Fashion Industry (CiFI):Who: Students interested in pursuing future careers in fashion (hence the name).What they do: They invite alumni and other fashion industry professionals to Cornell to share experience with current students. The guest speaker series provides students with insight into the fashion industry while also allowing for networking opportunities. Past speakers have included representatives from insane fashion power-houses; I mean, they’ve had everyone from the Vice President of Merchandising for Louis Vuitton North America to the US Retail Planner for Hermès. They also host other fashion industry related events such as internship search mentorship, resume critiques and fashion film screenings.How to get involved: To be added to the listserv, e-mail Adriana Burton at [email protected].

3. Big Red RunwayWho: A group of (stylish) students collaborating under the Daily Sun.Project Lead: Catherine ChenWhat they do: This new project group aims to serve as Cornell’s collective fashion consciousness. They highlight, through photography, that boy or girl who still manages to look so chic even when the weather is très bleak (so, if you see a kid wandering with a camera on the Arts Quad, I encourage you to start strutting). Their motto is “Cornell’s campus is your runway.” God, I love them already.Check out their new Facebook Page (and like it, duh): http://facebook.com/bigredrunway.

4. The Thread MagazineWho: Students interested in both fashion and media publication.President: Priscilla YangWhat they do: They produce the The Thread, which is the first and only fashion and lifestyle magazine on Cornell’s campus. The magazine publication includes student-produced fashion, photography, styling and design. It is published once every semester (but it’s, like, Vogue September Issue status).How to get involved: To be added to the listserv, e-mail [email protected].

See, I told you there were fantastic fashion resources and clubs on campus! So, while I still plan to whine as long as haute couture is in Paris and I am in Ithaca, I am comforted by the fact that I can get my fashionable fix with any of these awesome organizations … and you should, too.

Original Author: Meghan Flynn