February 28, 2013

FROM THE EDITOR: Adios, Amigos

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Over the last year, the 130th editorial board has strived not only to bring a physical copy of the paper to newsstands every morning, but also to adapt to changes in the way the news is consumed. We have tried to capture videos that contextualize the words that you are reading, blog about the things that interest you, and publish updates as they happen via social media feeds.

Reinventing a 133 year-old newspaper and transforming it into a multimedia organization has challenged us every day of our tenure as we struggled to balance these higher aspirations with the responsibility of continuing to publish a daily newspaper. It is a challenge that editorial boards before us have also faced, and it is the same one that the 131st editorial board will have to confront when it walks through the doors of 139 W. State St. on Sunday for its first editorial board meeting.

We have done our best. And we expect the next editorial board will do the same.

While we aren’t particularly sad to hand off  the early-morning angry phone calls from Cornell’s press office, the 1:00 a.m. marches to the library after the paper has been put to bed, or the sometimes bizarre office playlists courtesy of John Schroeder, we will miss this institution and remember it always.

To the members of the 130th editorial board, I have enjoyed (almost) every second I spent down at the paper with you. To the 131st editorial board, you have given us confidence over the last six weeks that The Sun will be in good hands.  You are going to have a great year ahead of you, filled with successes and failures. It may not always be easy, but I hope that you can look back on your time at The Sun as fondly as I do mine.

— J.C.F.