March 4, 2013

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Exploring Uncharted Territory

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This week, a new group of editors and managers assumed the responsibility of guiding this paper over the course of the next year. Our predecessors broadened the scope of this organization’s mission, delivering content to our readership in new and innovative ways. We intend to do the same. I am honored to have some of Cornell’s greatest minds alongside me on the 131st Editorial Board as The Sun continues to move into uncharted digital territory.

In the last year, we introduced live-streaming video, bringing campus events straight to your screens. We doubled our production of multimedia content, publishing several videos per week on our website. For the first time, we trained our traditionally print-based staff to shoot videos on the spot and edit them for immediate turnaround. Although we have continued to bring you a quality newspaper each morning, we are no longer limited to our daily print edition.

We look forward to pushing forward even more exciting developments during our tenure, keeping you informed in immediate and interactive ways on campus, in print and online. In the months ahead, we will be revamping our blogs site; increasing our coverage of entrepreneurship at Cornell; and bolstering our social and multimedia presence on the web.

For the past year — indeed, for the past 132 years — we have striven to maintain integrity, accuracy and relevancy in the content we deliver to our readers. Although The Sun is evolving in many ways, that foundational charge will remain preeminent under our watch. You represent our most loyal followers and our toughest critics. While we cannot promise that you will support every decision we make, we can pledge that every one will be made with our readers in mind. I hope to hear from many of you this semester; my door is always open.

— R.L.H.