March 13, 2013

10 Questions With Emily Webster

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1. How did you get involved with equestrian?I’ve been riding since I was six and it was my big passion throughout high school. I didn’t actually know that I was going to be on the team when I came to college. I walked on the team and I honestly had no idea what kind of commitment it was, but I stuck with it and it has just been a really nice four years and I’m glad I did it.What has being a captain meant for you?It’s been a huge privilege and an honor that these girls that I respect so much, also respect me enough to have me as their captain. It’s been a great experience, especially to be able to work with Coach Todd Karn and I’m really lucky to be in this position. 2. What are some activities you do at the barn during 5 a.m. chores?We pick a lot of poop. Sometimes we clean our horses’ butts out. People wipe their butts, so horses need their butts wiped sometimes too. It’s not a daily thing, more of a special occasion.So like once a month?Less than that — about once a semester. If we don’t clean their butts they’ll start to scratch their tails because it gets itchy and you don’t want them rubbing their tails.Speaking of cleanliness, is that a reason that your room is so stark?I just don’t put up posters or anything, I don’t know why. My bed sheets are all pretty white so it’s a pretty dull bedroom. I’ve heard it described as a jail cell. Recently though some of my teammates have started drawing pictures for me and I’ve put them on my wall as decorations.What’s your favorite picture that’s up there?The first one is really near and dear to my heart, because it was the first, and it’s a giant green smiley face drawn with highlighter. The girl who made it, Mary Beth [Hannon], said she used up all of the ink in her highlighter, so it meant a lot to me. 3. Can you describe your typical diet?I eat a lot of gummies, mostly, only gummies, and things that you can make in the microwave. My New Year’s resolution was to give up gummies, so I now I pretty much just can’t eat.What’s the story behind your former hard candy phase?I went to Staples once and they had this giant office-sized box of hard candies with gummies in the middle. I bought it and I literally ate that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was spring of junior year. 4. Are you more of a cat or dog person?­I like animals, but I don’t actually like dogs because they’re always really happy, even when there’s nothing to be happy about. You can’t always be smiling.Are you generally a pessimistic person?No, but it’s like, the world’s not perfect so why are you always happy? So I’m not the biggest fan of dogs — they smell really bad, too — but cats are nice, relatable animals.Would you ever consider having a career as a cat whisperer?I’ve thought of it.On that note, can you talk to me about the telepathy you have with the horse Calumet?He’s actually from Canada. We decided that he’s half Asian, and I’m half Asian, so we just really understand each other really well. He’s really small and I’m kind of small, so I feel like we just have a connection. He doesn’t always think that. 5. Where do your more exhibitionist tendencies come from?My question to you would be: what exhibitionist tendencies?Oh you know, to go streaking, skinny-dipping, or maybe run a naked mile on your 21st?I would never do such a thing. If I did run a mile for my birthday, let’s just say it was probably one of the fastest I’ve ever run. 6. Can you talk about the relationship you’ve been in since high school?My car’s name is Sheila and she’s really great. I learned how to drive with her and we’ve been through a lot together, she puts up with a lot.Would you say you’re affectionate towards her, since you get her detailed all the time?Since I do have a car, I end up shuttling around a lot of my teammates, and poop gets everywhere. You just have to clean it up.What happened the first time that you drove stick?I think I almost exploded [Grace Bradshaw’s] car. 7. Would you consider yourself to be a good writer?Well, I’m really good at haikus.Do you want to give an example for the paper?

Yeah, I can do this: ‘Hello Sun readers / I hope you have a great day / Good luck on prelims’.

8. Do you have any habits that are particularly animal-like?I dig holes under trees … I chase squirrels. Does that count as animal-like?Definitely. I was told you’re also like a monkey.Yes, I do climb on my teammates like a monkey would. I feel like the best way to become a better rider is to understand what it feels like to be the horse. So, I do my teammates the favor of sitting on them all the time.Do you ever let them practice on you?Never.So you’re a bit of a dictatorial captain, then?Yeah, there’s no fun allowed at practice and absolutely no laughing. I tell them that every day.How do you make up for the lack of a male presence on your team?I just let them know that I support them in every way possible. It’s just a good morning wake-up call, with a little extra love. 9. What happened the time you crashed a frat formal?My friend just wanted to go and she didn’t want to go by herself so I just showed up.Were you friends with guys in the house?No, I didn’t know anyone.Were they receptive to you being there?No one talked to me and I didn’t talk to anyone while I was there. Though, one guy poured a beer all over me, but I think that was accidental. But to be clear, I normally don’t crash frat formals. I generally only go to the ones I’m invited to. 10. What time do you normally go to bed?Everyone makes fun of me for going to bed around 9 p.m., but sometimes I do stay up until about 12.So, 12 is a late night for you?Yeah, I don’t function past 11 p.m. I don’t drink caffeine, which I’m really proud of, because I feel like if I ever get into medical school I’ll want to start drinking it then so I might as well not get too used to it now.Everyone mentioned that you spend about 90 hours in the week in the library, is this just for medical school preparation?­­­I really like spending time in the library and I enjoy doing work. It calms me and I really just enjoy doing work in the library, it’s like a family to me. Mann Library: my foster mom.

Original Author: Reena Gilani